Abu Dhabi Police warns drivers after starting to monitor some violations via artificial intelligence

A few hours ago, Abu Dhabi Police announced its warning to drivers after it began monitoring some serious traffic violations via artificial intelligence.

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After beginning to monitor certain violations with artificial intelligence, the Abu Dhabi Police Department issues a warning to drivers.

A warning was issued to motorists in Abu Dhabi a few hours ago by the Abu Dhabi Police Department, after the department began using artificial intelligence to monitor several significant traffic breaches.

Monitoring violations of “dangerous drivers” with artificial intelligence in Abu Dhabi

Artificial intelligence will be used to monitor traffic offenses involving "dangerous drivers" in Abu Dhabi, Technical systems that can identify and evaluate different forms of traffic offenses, as well as monitor the locations and timings of accidents and periods of peak traffic congestion, The Abu Dhabi Police Department has developed a system called the "Dangerous Driver System" in order to monitor violations and harmful behaviors. This system is based on applications of artificial intelligence in the field of traffic. According to Lieutenant Colonel Engineer Ahmed Suroor Al Shamsi, the Director of the Safe City Center, the mechanism of action of the "Dangerous Driver System" on the roadways is centered on monitoring dangerous drivers. This information was provided by Lieutenant Colonel Engineer Ahmed Suroor Al Shamsi. In real time, by utilizing technology to detect risky driving behaviors, using a camera system that has been enhanced with artificial intelligence, such as drivers who are preoccupied with their phones while driving and suddenly swerve, crossing the shoulder of the road, or not leaving enough space between vehicles. This can be accomplished by leveraging technology to detect risky driving behaviors.

Implementing the digital traffic violations system in Abu Dhabi

The introduction of the digital system for recording traffic offenses in Abu Dhabi, Al Shamsi mentioned that the Abu Dhabi Police Department is in the process of developing a digital infractions system. This system will monitor in real time vehicles that have committed violations such as driving with a license that has expired, operating a truck without a permit, and other offenses. This will be accomplished by analyzing the digital data that is produced by cameras and license plate readers.

Dangerous driver system for monitoring serious traffic violations in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has implemented a dangerous driver system to detect and record significant traffic offenses, According to the Abu Dhabi Police Department's 2022 Sustainability Report, which was just released recently, the artificial intelligence systems that the department adopted to improve and enhance levels of safety and security on the roads, including the "Dangerous Driver" system, contributed to a decrease in the number of dangerous drivers by 44.8% in 2022, when compared to the number of dangerous drivers in the years prior. In order to improve road safety, the Abu Dhabi Police General Command has developed an integrated platform that makes use of artificial intelligence, big data, and cutting-edge technology. Through its Safe City system, the platform is capable of conducting forward-looking analytical operations, identifying and analyzing different types of violations, and monitoring the locations and timings of accidents as well as traffic congestion.

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