An Abu Dhabi court fined a man 50,000 dirhams for repeatedly sending a WhatsApp message twice

An Abu Dhabi court recently issued a court ruling fining a man 50,000 dirhams for repeatedly sending a WhatsApp message twice in which he insulted another person.

A guy was given a fine of 50,000 dirhams by a court in Abu Dhabi for sending the same WhatsApp message more than twice.

A guy was recently handed a court judgement in Abu Dhabi that fined him 50,000 dirhams for sending an insulting message via WhatsApp more than thrice. The message was sent to another individual on multiple occasions.

A man repeatedly insulted a man via the WhatsApp application, and the court fined him 50 thousand dirhams

A man was found guilty of continually insulting another man over the messaging service WhatsApp, and he was given a punishment of 50,000 dirhams, The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court ruled that a man was required to pay 50,000 dirhams to another man for sending him insulting messages on the WhatsApp application three times in a row, as well as multiple communications, which resulted in hurting his feelings, psychological pain, harming his honor, and financial damage, to appoint lawyers, and the defendant was ordered to pay the plaintiff's legal fees. A lawsuit was filed against another person in which the plaintiff requested that the defendant be ordered to pay him compensatory compensation in the amount of 120 thousand dirhams for material, moral, and moral damages, and that the defendant be ordered to pay him 12% interest from the date the lawsuit was filed until full payment, and that the defendant be ordered to pay fees, expenses, and attorney's fees, and that the ruling include immediate enforcement and without bail, and that the defendant be ordered to pay fees, expenses, and attorney's fees. The plaintiff claimed that the defendant insulted him several times through text messages, phone calls, and other means, which led to him expressing his displeasure on multiple occasions and continuing his verbal assaults over the WhatsApp messaging service.

An Abu Dhabi court punishes a man who used to insult another man on social media

A man who insulted another man on social media was found guilty and given a sentence by a court in Abu Dhabi, These actions caused the plaintiff harm by upsetting him, hurting his feelings, causing him psychological pain, damaging his honor, and causing him financial harm by paying for and assigning a lawyer for these cases without the defendant taking into account the age difference. As a result, the plaintiff felt compelled to file this lawsuit along with the previous requests. The court provided an explanation about the plaintiff's request for a refund in the amount of one hundred twenty thousand dirhams. It is stipulated in accordance with the provisions of Articles 292 and 293/1 of the Civil Transactions Law that any harm to another obligates the perpetrator to be liable, and the defendant's mistake was in insulting and communicating, and this led to harm to the plaintiff represented by (material damage, payment of fees to the courts, and the large sums of money spent on criminal lawsuits), and therefore the defendant is obligated to be liable. (Moral harm, which is psychological suffering and the breach of his honor and honor), and the defendant's error had led the plaintiff to suffer the aforementioned material as well as moral damages. Therefore, the court has decided that the plaintiff is entitled to a total compensation of fifty thousand dirhams for the damages that he has sustained. This amount is considered to be comprehensive compensation.

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