An Abu Dhabi court obliges a young man to pay 100,000 dirhams in compensation to a man and his wife

The Abu Dhabi Court issued a judicial ruling obligating a young man to pay 100,000 dirhams in compensation to a man and his wife, because he broke into their room in a hotel.

A young guy is ordered by a court in Abu Dhabi to pay a man and his wife a sum of compensation equal to one hundred thousand dirhams.

Because he broke into a man and his wife's hotel room, an Abu Dhabi court has ordered a young man to give them a sum of compensation equal to one hundred thousand dirhams. This is because the young guy broke into their room.

Abu Dhabi court punishes a man who broke into a hotel room

A man who broke into a hotel room in Abu Dhabi has been punished by the court there, The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court came to the conclusion that a young man should be required to pay a man and his wife a total of 100,000 dirhams because the young man invaded their privacy by using a sharp tool to open the window of their hotel room and entering their residence, which caused them to be forced to flee from their home. The court reached this conclusion after hearing the case.

A man and his wife complain about a hotel and a young man breaks into their room

A man and his wife make a complaint about a motel, and shortly afterward, a young man enters their room, In detail, a man and his wife filed a lawsuit against a young man and the management of a hotel, in which they requested that the defendants be obliged to jointly pay compensation in the amount of 500 thousand dirhams for the moral, material, health, and psychological damage they suffered and their reputation, dignity, and social status, with a legal interest of 9% from the date of the ruling until Full payment was made by a ruling subject to expedited enforcement, in addition to obligating the defendants to pay fees and expenses and for legal fees, based on the statement that the man and his wife rented a room in a hotel, and while they were in the room, they were surprised by a person who violated their privacy and opened the window of the room using a sharp object and entered them, forcing them to To escape, and as a result, he was referred by the Public Prosecution to court, and a preliminary criminal judgment was issued against him, convicting him and fining him 5,000 dirhams for the crime of entering a property against the will of its owner, while obligating him to pay penal fees, and 3,500 dirhams as fees for the services of the Forensic Sciences Center.

Abu Dhabi Court acquits the hotel and punishes a young man who broke into one of the rooms

A young guy who broke into one of the hotel rooms was found guilty by an Abu Dhabi court, while the hotel was found not guilty, The court explained in the merits of its ruling regarding the second defendant, which it referred to as "the hotel management," that there was no fault on its part as it provided all means of protection, and that the defendant's action was not the result of negligence, negligence, or a lack of protection, but rather that he committed an unexpected act that could not be remedied in an instant because he used a road. In other words, the defendant used a road. It is not common practice to open a window from the outside using a pointed tool, which indicates that it did not make it easy to penetrate and enter it either. As a result, the request from it must be denied if it is not based on a valid basis in the law; the court stated, in regard to the request for compensation against the first defendant, that It is stipulated in accordance with the provisions of Articles (292, 293/1) of the Civil Transactions Law that any harm to another object or person As a result, the court has determined that the appropriate amount of compensation for such damages is one hundred thousand dirhams. Comprehensive payment that was split 50/50 between the man and his wife.

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