An airline company announces that fees for unaccompanied minors on flights between the UAE and this country

Air India Express, a prominent low-cost carrier that connects the UAE and India, recently made headlines by raising its costs for unaccompanied minors on its flights Fee increases, which affect minor passengers without parental supervision, have caused debate among travelers and the general public.

Previously, the minor service fee, which was added to ordinary ticket costs, was 5,000 rupees (about Dh221), However, Air India Express has increased this cost to Rs 10,000 (about Dh442) for unaccompanied minors, A call center agent confirmed that this charge increase went into effect two months ago.

The effect on travelers

The unexpected hike in fees for unaccompanied youngsters has alarmed parents and guardians, as well as young tourists such as Isin Hash, a 10-year-old Indian child actor based in the UAE, Eisen expressed his surprise on social media, citing his own experience traveling alone between India and the UAE on occasion, He stated that the service charge for unaccompanied minors had previously been Rs 5,000, but has since been raised to Rs 10,000, Furthermore, he stated that price discounts for youngsters aged 5 to 12 years would be discontinued, Despite the fee hike, he commended the airline's helpful service and the professionalism of its employees.

Historical background

Unaccompanied minors traveling to and from Dubai airports were charged additional fees by Air India Express in 2018, With the latest charge rise, travelers are now dealing with the increased costs of sending their children on these flights, According to the Air India website, children between the ages of 5 and 18 are considered unaccompanied minors on flights to the UAE, while children between the ages of 5 and 16 are deemed unaccompanied minors on flights to other Gulf nations.

The Development of Air India

The Tata Group made waves in 2021 when it paid Rs 180 billion (about Dh8.8 billion) for state-owned Air India, This acquisition is important since it comes more than six decades after the government purchased the airline from the Tata business, which it created in 1932. Air India Express is now undergoing a number of changes, including a merger, With Tata Vistara's airline group and the introduction of new uniform designs.

It remains to be seen how these changes, as well as increasing prices for unaccompanied minors, will effect passenger choices and the airline's general reputation in the coming years.

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