An important warning from the UAE Interior for citizens and residents of the country

The UAE Ministry of Interior issued a call to workers and supervisors in entertainment venues to ensure the safety and security of children by following safety and security standards and dealing appropriately with children’s behavior while playing, which maintains the safety of children, both citizens and residents of the country.

Possibility of electronic and smart reporting

The Ministry announced that to ensure that reports of child abuse are taken seriously and that appropriate legal measures are taken, the UAE Ministry of Interior, through the Child Protection Center, has allowed children and adults to use electronic and smart reporting of cases of abuse to which they are exposed, or to which they may be exposed in their surroundings.

The Ministry of the Interior has made it clear that protecting children from harm is a top priority, and has asked that anyone who becomes aware of any incidents in which children are involved get in touch with the Center for Child Protection at the Ministry of the Interior through the hotline, the Hemayati app, or the website.

She emphasized the need for workers and managers in entertainment venues to be familiar with the "Wadeema" Child Rights Law in order to define responsibilities and tasks, as well as the standards and processes for dealing with children and their behavior while playing.

Ministry of Interior Center for Child Protection

The Department of the Interior has reaffirmed its commitment to its proactive efforts in the field of child protection in the entertainment environment, including the smart reporting system, which includes methods for reporting and communicating with the Department of the Interior's Center for Child Protection.

She explained that the partnership between the Ministry of the Interior's Center for Child Protection and the relevant authorities is motivated by a shared commitment to providing for children's needs and educating parents on how to provide a nurturing environment for their children. It aids in the coordinated and unified pursuit of long-term safety on the basis of This hinges on a few different axes, the most crucial one being the promotion of kid safety measures.

Means of communicating child accidents in the UAE

Through the Ministry of Interior's smart reporting system, the Ministry of Interior has established multiple channels for reporting incidents involving children. These channels include a hotline (116111), electronic reporting (via the Ministry of Interior's website for child protection,, and e-mail ([email protected]).And the "Hemayati" app, which explains how to dial 999 in an emergency.

The Center for Child Protection in the Ministry of the Interior had earlier launched a nationwide community campaign to prevent children from being injured in balcony-related accidents with the motto "Our children's lives are trust." Citizens, residents, and their families are all included in an effort to better protect children and improve community understanding of the significance of doing so. Continuous, and ensure they are safe from falling from open windows by taking the proper precautions.

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