An official warning to residents and drivers in the Emirates due to a emergency until Wednesday

An official warning was issued hours ago to residents and drivers in the Emirates due to the impact of a emergency that will continue until Wednesday, causing the formation of cumulonimbus clouds and rainfall in several areas.

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A warning issued by the government of the Emirates to those living there and anyone driving there owing to a emergency that is expected to last until Wednesday.

An official warning has been issued to residents and drivers in the Emirates due to the influence of a depression that will persist until Wednesday and will cause the creation of cumulonimbus clouds and rainfall in some regions. The warning was issued few hours ago.

Rain of varying intensity in different areas of the Emirates

There has been rain, of varying degrees of severity, over the Emirates, Rainfall of diverse intensities was observed in a number of regions around the country just a few hours ago. This was the consequence of the country being influenced by the expansion of a surface air emergency from the east and a surface air high from the west, as well as the extension of an air high in the higher layers of the atmosphere. The combination of these three factors caused the country to be affected by the weather patterns. In the region of Fujairah known as Al Khalibiya, northern Masafi, and Taiba, there was a shower of light to moderate rainfall. The temperature that was recorded as the lowest in the country on Saturday morning was 20 degrees Celsius in Rukna in the city of Al Ain at 6:15 local time. This temperature was reported on Isfni and Al Ghail in Ras Al Khaimah, as well as on other independent regions.

Official warnings to drivers in the UAE due to weather fluctuations

Due to the unpredictable weather, drivers in the UAE have been issued official warnings, The National Center for Meteorology has issued an appeal to the general public, warning them to exercise extreme caution and watch their speed while driving a vehicle in the rain, as well as in conditions where there is a lack of horizontal visibility as a result of rain and winds that create dust and grit. Additionally, it was recommended to avoid going to areas where water collects and valleys flow, and the Abu Dhabi Police Department issued a warning to vehicles to exercise caution because of the wet weather. as well as strict adherence to the variable speed that is displayed on signs and electronic signboards.

Cumulus clouds in the Emirates until Wednesday, and temperatures tend to drop

Clouds with cumulus in the Emirates through Wednesday, and temperatures will likely continue to fall, The Center forecasted that the weather from Sunday until Wednesday will be fair to partly cloudy at times, with the possibility of some cumulus clouds forming in the afternoon in the east. Temperatures tend to drop slightly, with a chance of mist or light mist forming over some inland and coastal areas, and northwesterly to northerly winds. The Center expected that the weather would be like this from Sunday until Wednesday. Winds from the east are light to moderate, ranging from 10 to 20 kilometers per hour and reaching 30 kilometers per hour. In both the Arabian Gulf and the Sea of Oman, the waves on the water will be relatively calm.

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