An urgent decision from Sharjah Municipality regarding the activation of the emergency plan

A few hours ago, a new decision was issued by the Municipality of the Emirate of Sharjah regarding the activation of the emergency plan in order to immediately deal with the case of heavy rainfall in many areas.

A decision that must be made immediately by the Sharjah Municipality about the implementation of the emergency plan

The Municipality of the Emirate of Sharjah has just released a new decision about the activation of the emergency plan in order to promptly deal with the situation of severe rainfall in several areas. This decision was made just a few hours ago.

Sharjah Municipality activates an emergency plan to deal with the rain

For the purpose of dealing with the rain, the Sharjah Municipality initiates an emergency plan, According to Khaled bin, the Sharjah City Municipality has confirmed that its call center on number 993 has activated the emergency plan to deal with rain reports. This was accomplished by increasing the number of employees to deal with all reports quickly and transferring them to the relevant teams in the field. This was done because the center received 872 reports about weather instability. According to Falah Al Suwaidi, the call center operates around the clock in order to attain the highest possible response rate.

Sharjah Municipality statement regarding controlling rainwater pools

Official statement from the Sharjah Municipality addressing the regulation of rainwater pools, The Director of Customer Service at the municipality, Khalid bin Falah Al Suwaidi, confirmed that the proactive plans and prompt response of the call center contributed significantly to the control of rainwater accumulations. This was accomplished by all of the teams working together to coordinate their efforts in accordance with the sectors that were identified earlier. A few hours ago, the Sharjah City Municipality made an announcement on the distribution of committees. Joint and specialized work teams, as well as heavy and light machinery, in order to get ready for the rainy season and deal with the weather conditions in an efficient manner, as the committees supervise all areas of the city of Sharjah, which have been divided into sectors, in order to deal immediately with emergency situations and water accumulations in accordance with the plans that were prepared in advance. In addition to this, the municipality has increased the degree of The call center, which is open around the clock, is prepared to take in feedback and reports once they are received. Continuation of work with high capacity and efficiency, and taking technical measures to reduce rainwater accumulations, especially on main roads and streets, which enhances the flow of traffic, monitoring the full readiness of all teams, developing strategic plans, and achieving the highest degree of response, as confirmed by Obaid Saeed Al-Tunaiji, Director General of the Municipality and Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Rain Emergencies. Al-Tunaiji also confirmed that the municipality has formed the Supreme Committee for Rain Emergencies, which was followed by five specialized committees. These committees are the result of the municipality's efforts to implement plans and actions related to emergency situations.

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