Announcing 200 jobs at NMDC Energy Company in the Emirates

It was announced hours ago that 200 jobs would be available to job seekers at NMDC Energy in the UAE through the “Tawdheef x Zaahib” exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

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NMDC Energy Company in the Emirates has announced the creation of 200 new jobs.

A few hours ago, it was announced that job seekers in the United Arab Emirates who attended the "Tawdheef x Zaahib" exhibition in Abu Dhabi would have the opportunity to apply for one of the 200 vacant positions at NMDC Energy.

Nafs platform participates in the “Employment x Zaahib” exhibition in Abu Dhabi

The “Nafes” platform participates in the events of the “Employment x Zaahib” exhibition, which is hosted in Abu Dhabi for 3 days. The “Nafes” platform is witnessing a significant demand from young people who are looking for career prospects, and they were keen to consult members of the “Nafes” team present on the platform in the exhibition on matters. That relate to the perks and privileges granted to them by employment available through this exhibition.

200 jobs for job seekers in the UAE at NMDC Energy Company

NMDC Energy Company is now hiring for 200 positions in the United Arab Emirates, 200 open positions Engineer Yasser Zaghloul, the Chief Executive Officer of the NMDC Group, stated that the organization, which is one of the primary sponsors of the exhibition, intends to strengthen its cooperation and communication with institutions and businesses in the field of employment, as well as to entice talented and intelligent minds from among the participants in the exhibition.

NMDC Energy statement regarding providing job opportunities for 200 people

Statement made by NMDC Energy regarding the creation of employment possibilities for two hundred individuals, During the ongoing iteration of the Tawdheef Fair, Engineer Ahmed Al Dhaheri, the CEO of NMDC Energy, which was formerly known as the National Petroleum Construction Company, made the announcement that the company will be offering a total of two hundred job opportunities to Emirati cadres in the fields of environmental sciences and engineering specializations of varying kinds (including mechanical, civil, electrical, electronic, industrial, and chemical).

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