Announcing the honoring of many drivers in the Emirates during the Traffic Safety Award ceremony

It was announced hours ago that many drivers in the Emirates would be honored during the Traffic Safety Award ceremony in the Emirate of Sharjah. The drivers were chosen according to their commitment to traffic laws.

During the event for the Traffic Safety Award, an announcement was made praising a great number of drivers in the Emirates.

A few hours ago, it was announced that a ceremony to award prizes for traffic safety will be held in the emirate of Sharjah, and the it would recognize numerous drivers from across the Emirates. The drivers were selected on the basis of their adherence to the laws governing vehicular traffic.

10 drivers were honored with “Sharjah Taxi” and presented with the Traffic Safety Award

The "Sharjah Taxi" accolade and the Traffic Safety Award were bestowed upon ten taxi drivers, As a part of the Traffic Safety Award for the year 2022, Osool Transportation Solutions honored ten taxi drivers in Sharjah. This was done to encourage them for their commitment and adherence to traffic laws and regulations, as well as for not recording any accidents, violations, or complaints throughout the course of the previous year. This helps to reduce the number of accidents that occur on the roads and educate drivers about how to safely operate a vehicle. Safe.

Traffic Safety Award ceremony in Sharjah to honor distinguished drivers

A event to recognize eminent motorists was held in Sharjah to present the Traffic Safety Award, Both Sultan Al Ketbi, Chief Executive Officer of Osool Transportation Solutions, and Khaled Al Kindi, General Manager of Sharjah Taxi, were present at the ceremony. In his opening remarks, Khalid Al Kindi stated, "Today we gather at the Traffic Safety Award ceremony in its second year in a row, in which we honor the distinguished drivers working for Sharjah Taxi, who have succeeded in reflecting the image of... Supervisor of the goals that we seek to achieve in Sharjah Taxi, in a manner that achieves the award's slogan, "No accidents, no traffic violations, and no complaints," which is what a group of our drivers succeeded in achieving."

Causes of accidents involving Sharjah taxi vehicles

Factors contributing to the occurrence of incidents involving taxis in Sharjah, He stated that the cause of fifty percent of the accidents that were caused by Sharjah taxi vehicles was a failure to leave a safe distance, while the failure to adhere to the route was the cause of twenty percent of the accidents. Furthermore, ten percent of the accidents were caused by entering the road before checking to see if it was clear, nine percent were caused by reversing without paying attention, and seven percent were the result of negligence and inattention.

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