Announcing the operation of 4 new airlines at Dubai Airport

Hours ago, Dubai Airports announced the operation of 4 new airlines at Dubai Airport, serving many travel destinations from Berlin, Stuttgart, Marseille and Chisinau.

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Declaring the launch of four brand-new airlines at Dubai International Airport

Dubai Airports made the announcement a few hours ago on the operation of four new airlines at Dubai Airport. These new airlines will serve a variety of travel destinations departing from Berlin, Stuttgart, Marseille, and Chisinau.

4 new airlines operate flights at Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport is now served by four additional airlines, Dubai Airports stated that it welcomed four new airlines during the recent period to operate their flights at Dubai International Airport, noting that these companies contribute to... Strengthening its global network and serving new markets. The announcement that airlines in Dubai International will operate 3.84 million additional seats during the last quarter of 2023 was made as Dubai Airports stated that it welcomed four new airlines during the recent period.

New travel destinations from Dubai Airport

New places to visit accessible from Dubai International Airport, The corporation announced that the new markets that these companies will serve will include Berlin, Stuttgart, Marseille, and Chisinau. As a result, Dubai's position as a leading tourist destination in the world will be strengthened. It was noted that the new airline companies include "Eurowings," "Transavia," "Fly One," and "Virgin." Atlantic, in addition to Air Canada launching a new destination between Dubai and Vancouver. As of the conclusion of the first half of this year, Dubai International Airport provided connections to a total of 257 destinations, served by more than 91 international airlines operating in 104 different nations.

Dubai Airports seeks to increase the number of passengers

The goal of Dubai Airports is to attract a greater number of travelers, The data showed a continuous increase in the number of scheduled seats on international flights at Dubai International Airport, with the resumption of traffic. Dubai Airports confirmed that it is preparing for an exceptionally active period until the end of this year. As a result, it modified its expectations for the total number of passengers for the current year to rise from 83.6 million to 85 million passengers. Transportation via air to an increased number of locations all over the world, the ongoing growth of the number of airlines that operate out of this airport, the addition of additional flights to both current and newly established locations, and so on and so forth.

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