Announcing the provision of 100 vacancies for job seekers in Dubai

The Health Authority launched a new employment initiative and announced the provision of 100 vacant jobs for job seekers in Dubai in the medical sector within the “Health Talents” exhibition, which is scheduled to begin next Monday, October 9, 2023.

Announcing the availability of one hundred jobs for anyone looking for work in Dubai

Within the context of the "Health Talents" exhibition, which is planned to commence on the following Monday, October 9, 2023, the Health Authority has launched a new employment initiative and announced the provision of one hundred jobs that are now unfilled in the medical industry for job seekers in Dubai.

The “Health Talents” initiative aims to provide new specialized job opportunities

The mission of the "Health Talents" project is to create new options for specialized employment, A program called "Health Talents" has been developed by the Dubai Health Authority. The purpose of this program is to provide assistance to the private health sector and to help it become more integrated into the local community by incorporating national administrative and medical experience. It is planned that the expo will bring together key health facilities in Dubai and national competences, in addition to graduates of the scholarship program for "Medicine and Science" that was conducted by the authorities. And graduates of a variety of health specializations, such as nursing, radiography, labs, pharmacy, physical therapy, health insurance, medical equipment engineering, physical therapy, psychology, and other administrative specialties. The initiative known as "Health Talents," which was put into action by the Medical Education and Research Department of the Authority, is one of a group of cutting-edge programs that are designed to offer a variety of specialized employment opportunities to national cadres, as well as to pave the way for these cadres to take part in the process of improving the standard of care provided by the health care system in Dubai and to contribute to the ongoing development efforts. The initiative lends its support to the Emiratization policy that is being pursued and carried out by the Authority in such a way that it improves the directions that this sector is headed in the direction of achieving the goals and aspirations of the Emirate of Dubai. The most important of these goals and aspirations are the long-term maintenance of health and well-being, as well as the achievement of a world-class medical model.

100 vacancies for citizens in the private medical sector in Dubai

Dubai's private medical sector is hiring locals to fill one hundred open positions, The execution of the program is predicated on the hosting of a high-quality exhibition at the Dubai World Trade Center on Monday, where the Authority will be responsible for putting on the inaugural iteration of the event. During the course of the event's two days, twenty-four of the nation's most prestigious medical facilities and institutes will be there to fill more than one hundred open positions in a variety of administrative and clinical fields. The Authority anticipates taking significant future action. During the course of the exhibition on the percentage of citizens who are employed.

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