Announcing the provision of 3,000 jobs for job seekers in Abu Dhabi

It was announced hours ago that 3,000 jobs will be available to job seekers in Abu Dhabi in more than 100 institutions through the “Employment x Zaahib” exhibition, which is being held in Abu Dhabi for 3 days.

An announcement has been made that would provide 3,000 jobs to people looking for work in Abu Dhabi.

A few hours ago, it was revealed that the "Employment x Zaahib" exhibition, which is taking place in Abu Dhabi for the next three days, will make 3,000 opportunities available to job searchers in Abu Dhabi. These jobs will be offered in more than 100 different institutions.

3,000 vacancies at the “Employment x Zaahib” exhibition in Abu Dhabi

The "Employment x Zaahib" exhibition in Abu Dhabi has a total of 3,000 open positions, The activities of the seventeenth session of the Zaahib recruitment exhibition, which kicked off yesterday in Abu Dhabi and will continue for three more days in a row, under the patronage of Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, offered more than 3,000 job openings for citizens of the United Arab Emirates. These openings were offered by government and private entities, institutions, and companies that participated in the exhibition. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is one of the places where people are looking for job. Fadi Harb, the director of the expo, noted that the purpose of the event is to bring together companies from the public and private sectors as well as future business owners.

100 institutions provide 3,000 job opportunities in the Emirates

There are three thousand job openings available in the Emirates' one hundred different institutions, The number of organizations that took part in Zaahib's recruitment activities during this year's edition increased by 122%, as the number of organizations that took part in the 2022 session known as "the sixteenth session" was 45, and increased to more than 100 participating organizations; the exhibition is anticipated to be attended by 18,000 Emirati. Seekers of employment, updated programs For his part, Fadi Harb, director of the exhibition, disclosed that the government and private entities and companies participating in the exhibition offer more than 3,000 vacant jobs. He emphasized that the exhibition provides new programs that focus primarily on training and qualifying national cadres for future jobs to join the market. For his part, Fadi Harb stated that the exhibition offers more than 3,000 vacant jobs. Using the involved entities as intermediaries.

Job seekers in Abu Dhabi participate in the “Employment x Zaahib” exhibition

The "Employment x Zaahib" exhibition is open to attendees in Abu Dhabi who are looking for work, During the days of the exhibition, it is anticipated that 18,000 people would be looking for work. Possibilities for employment As part of its continued commitment to promote the professional development of the people of the Emirates and the national workforce to enable them to advance in sustainable and successful career paths, the Al Masaood Group engages in. The director of human resources for the organization, Buthaina Al Ali, stated that "We are pleased." We are excited to welcome those from the Emirates who have professional skills and competencies to our pavilion at the exhibition, where we will provide them with the necessary information and share our visions and ideas about work experiences. Our participation in the exhibition is based on our desire to empower Emirati talents.

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