Cases of depriving an employee of compensation for overtime hours in the UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has announced the identification of some cases in which an employee is denied compensation for overtime hours in the United Arab Emirates.

There have been instances in the UAE where workers have not been compensated for working overtime.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the United Arab Emirates has made an announcement stating that it has identified several instances in which an employee is not compensated for working overtime in the country.

Compensation for overtime hours in the overtime system

In the overtime pay system, compensation is given for overtime hours worked, There was a query sent in from the Human Resources and Emiratisation Authority in Abu Dhabi, and the questioner wanted to know whether or not "remote work" employees receive additional compensation for the additional hours they put in. Then, "Human Resources" spoke up and explained the circumstance, stating that the employee does not have the legal right to reimbursement for overtime hours worked.

Human Resources determines cases where an employee is deprived of overtime compensation

The determination of whether or not an employee should be denied overtime pay is the responsibility of Human Resources, The Human Resources Authority in Abu Dhabi has confirmed that the right of all government agencies to determine the hours and days of "remote work" according to the interest of the work, and that the remote employee is not entitled to any compensation as a result of his work under this system, or to overtime if he works for hours longer than those specified, highlighting that however, the remote work system is mandatory for any employee as long as his employer requests its implementaion.

Warning Human Resources and Emiratisation against violating the labor law

Advising Human Resources and Emiratisation to avoid breaking the labor rules as a warning, This information was included in a guide that was published by the Authority to regulate the mechanism of remote work in government agencies in the emirate. The guide threatens those who violate its articles, provisions, and procedures with "disciplinary penalties," particularly in the event that the employee exceeds his powers in performing his work tasks or engages in behavior that either violates health measures or does not adhere to them. Or violated the guidelines for appropriate behavior on the job when working remotely.

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