Cases of insurance companies in the UAE refusing to renew comprehensive car insurance

Recently, there have been repeated cases of insurance companies refusing to renew comprehensive car insurance, and complaints from the insured have increased because the insurance companies refused to issue the comprehensive insurance policy due to traffic accidents.

There have been instances of insurance companies declining to renew comprehensive auto policies.

In recent times, there have been a number of instances in which insurance companies have refused to renew comprehensive auto insurance policies. At the same time, the number of complaints received from insured individuals has increased. This is because insurance companies have refused to offer comprehensive insurance policies as a result of traffic incidents.

Emirates Insurance Association: Rejection of “comprehensive insurance” companies due to accidents is “unprofessional”

According to the Emirates Insurance Association, it is "unprofessional" for insurance companies to turn off "comprehensive insurance" clients because of accidents, It was stated by the Emirates Insurance Association that there is nothing obligating insurance companies to agree to insurance against loss, damage, and civil liability, also known as "comprehensive" insurance. This is because what is obligatory is insurance against civil liability, also known as "comprehensive" insurance. Neither the Central Bank nor the Emirates Insurance Association's systems require insurance companies to agree to comprehensive insurance. The phrase "others"

Cases of allowing insurance companies to refuse to issue a comprehensive insurance policy in the Emirates

There have been instances in which insurance companies in the Emirates have been permitted to decline to give comprehensive insurance policies, A statement made by the Vice Chairman of the Supreme Technical Committee and Head of the Automotive Committee in the Association was as follows: "There is a professional obligation on the part of companies toward their insured customers, particularly if they have been with them for a number of years." Therefore, it is presumed that they will not be denied comprehensive insurance, even if they are involved in more than one accident. This is because it has been established that "the company that incurred compensation as a result of accidents can stop granting the discount that is offered if the insured does not commit any traffic accident, which reaches 30% according to certain cases, but in order to refuse comprehensive insurance completely, it must have a good reason." There are many factors to consider, such as the existence of risky behaviors when driving, such as showing off one's vehicle in inappropriate settings or driving in an unsafe manner, which contributed to the occurrence of an accident. In this scenario, the insurance provider has the discretion to decline to renew the comprehensive policy and instead choose to honor only the third-party liability policy.

Accidents that must be covered by car insurance in the UAE

Accidents that are legally required to be covered by auto insurance in the United Arab Emirates, When it comes to typical incidents that take place for typical reasons that we are all familiar with, the organization is obligated to provide coverage for them out of consideration for the people who are covered by it. Hamada continued by saying, "The insurance sector in the country has a good reputation, and it is considered to be the largest in the Arab and Gulf countries, and the largest percentage of companies are committed to and take into account the good relationship with customers, but in return, the insured must adhere to the rules and laws that are in force in the country and drive safely."

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