Clarification regarding the benefit of residents from the new visa in the UAE

Mariam Bibi, who lives in India, finds that every trip to the area has new challenges for her, "My son lives in Qatar, and my daughter lives in Sharjah," she stated, "My daughter lives in Sharjah," "Therefore, whenever I come, either I visit only one child, or I have to carefully plan about visas and travel dates well in advance if I want to visit both of them," the mother said, "So, either I visit only one child each time I come.

Now that all member nations of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have given their unanimous approval to the new unified GCC tourist visa, it might make a world of difference for travelers like Mariam. She stated, "Ever since I heard of the visa, I have been keenly following the news," and I quote: "I have been eagerly following the news,"Once the unified visa is available, I will be able to easily see both of my children, as well as go see my brother who is employed in Muscat, I simply cannot contain my excitement until the visa is finally issued.

Announcing a new visa similar to the Schengen visa

The announcement of the new tourist visa that is modelled after the Schengen visa has been a source of relief for thousands of residents and visitors, The proposed visa was given unanimity approval by the GCC governments, bringing it one step closer to becoming a reality. Oman served as the location for the 40th meeting of GCC ministers, which was where the news was made.

Facilitating procedures for travelers

Diana Mendoza is employed by a law business, and as a result of her job, she is required to frequently travel throughout the region, “My company takes care of all the documentation,” she replied, "However, it is a bit of a pain to always make sure that I have all of the visas because I frequently travel across at least three countries at the same time," she said. When the visas didn't arrive on time, my trip arrangements sometimes had to be adjusted, Once the unified visa is available, I believe it will make my life much simpler and less stressful, I don't mind paying a higher price for it because I believe it would be beneficial to me in the long run."

New visa features

The visa will make it easier for travelers to explore the six countries that make up the Gulf Cooperation Council: the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait. The relocation is anticipated to have a significant positive impact on tourism and to multiply the number of visitors to the region. On the other hand, more information regarding the visa, such as its cost, has not yet been made public.

Shafi and Siyad, who both have a passion for exploring new places, are looking forward with great anticipation to the relocation. As a way to commemorate the receipt of this visa, some friends of mine took a road trip through all six GCC countries, beginning in Kuwait and winding their way up to Kasab in Saudi Arabia. "The proposed unified GCC visit visa is the best thing that could have happened to encourage travel in the region," said Siyad. "For us, it is the best thing that could have happened." "Once it is in place, we are hoping that people will be motivated by us to visit additional tourist destinations within the GCC as a result of our efforts,"

The two individuals, who have traveled widely throughout the region, have stated that in order to move freely throughout the entire bloc, they are need to possess several visit visas.

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