Complete Guide to get your Dubai Residence Visa

Given that the capital of the United Arab Emirates, "Dubai," is currently considered the best global destination for attracting foreign direct investment projects, obtaining a residence visa in Dubai has become a primary goal for many people who aspire to obtain jobs with meaningful financial compensation, or who wish to travel for the purpose of tourism. In this article, we will show you the complete update on how to obtain a residence visa in Dubai. In this article, we will show you how to obtain a residence visa in Dubai.

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You will be allowed to legally dwell in Dubai after you have obtained it, and you will also be able to make use of the essential facilities offered by the city, as well as look into potential employment options. This post will serve as a thorough guide for you, whether you are seeking for job or are businesspeople trying to start their enterprises in Dubai. If you are looking for work, this article will be very helpful.

Dubai residence visa requirements

Before you can submit an application for a visa, you must first ensure that you meet all of the visa's fundamental conditions, which include possessing a valid passport that is still valid for at least six months and an entry permission that was obtained through the employer or a sponsoring family member.

It is also necessary to have a medical fitness certificate from an accredited medical facility, an application for an Emirates ID, a completed visa application form, recent photographs that are passport-sized, proof of residence, and valid health insurance, in addition to any additional documents that may be required depending on the type of visa.

The process of obtaining a residence visa in Dubai

You should be aware of a number of procedures that you are required to follow, which include the process of lawfully acquiring a residence visa in Dubai, and the steps that you are required to follow are as follows:

First: Find a sponsor

Finding a sponsor in Dubai who is willing to vouch for you and support your application for a residence visa is the initial stage in the process of acquiring a residence visa in Dubai. Your employer or a relative who will be living in Dubai at the same time as you can serve as your sponsor if you want to find job in Dubai and you also want to visit them. The sponsor is the party that will be responsible for submitting the application on your behalf and will have a significant part to play in the whole application procedure for the visa.

Second: Entry permit

After locating one, a sponsor will submit an application for an entry permit on your behalf. You will need to secure a temporary visa known as an entry permit in order to enter Dubai and start the application process for a permanent resident visa. In order to apply for an entry permit, the person who is sponsoring the individual must provide the relevant information and documentation to the immigration officials in Dubai.

Third: Medical examination

Before moving forward with your visa application, you will be required to first complete a medical exam at a medical establishment that carries the appropriate credentials. The purpose of the physical examination is to ascertain that you are in good health and do not suffer from any conditions that could pose a risk to the general population's wellbeing. In order to be eligible to submit an application for a visa, one must first get from the relevant medical facility a medical fitness certificate.

Fourth: Request to obtain an Emirates ID card

Following the conclusion of the physical exam, you will be required to submit an application to the Emirates Identity Authority in order to obtain an Emirates ID card. The Emirates ID card, which is a biometric ID card, is the official form of identification for citizens of the United Arab Emirates. Because you will require it throughout the entirety of your stay in Dubai as a mandatory travel document, it is imperative that the application be submitted as quickly as humanly possible.

Fifth: Visa application

You are now able to proceed with the submission of the visa application form together with the relevant supporting papers after first acquiring the entry permit, the medical fitness certificate, and an application for an Emirates ID. You are need to fill out a visa application form and submit it along with all of the required documents, which include your passport, photographs that are the correct size for passports, confirmation of where you will be residing, and proof that you have health insurance.

Sixth: Stamping the visa

After it has been handed in, the application for your visa will be reviewed by the Dubai immigration officials. After your application has been reviewed and approved, a visa stamp will be placed in your passport to show that you have been granted a resident visa. If the stamp on your visa is valid, you will be able to lawfully reside in Dubai for the period of your visa.

Seventh: Residence permit

After going through the procedure of getting your visa stamped, you have now successfully secured your residence visa. The final step in the process is securing a residency permit for yourself. A physical card that serves as an official record with the government of your ability to dwell in Dubai is what is known as a "residence permit." You are required to apply for a residence permit and maintain it in a valid and current status during the entirety of your time spent in the city.

By carefully following our detailed guidelines and ensuring that you satisfy all requirements, you will be able to confidently and easily traverse the process of obtaining a residence visa for Dubai. It is crucial to remain informed of any adjustments or changes in visa rules and to acquire expert advice from respected companies when it is necessary in order to make certain that the process of applying for a visa goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Dubai residence visa costs by establishing a company

There are a few essential actions that must be taken in order to obtain a residence visa in Dubai by establishing a firm, particularly through the investor visa route. To begin, you will need to make a decision regarding where you will establish your company: in a free zone or on the mainland. After that, you can decide what it is your company will sell, select an appropriate organizational structure, and complete the necessary paperwork. After you have established your company, you are able to submit an application for an investor visa.

During this phase, you will be required to have a medical exam, submit an application for an Emirates ID card, and get your visa stamped. It's possible that you can even bring your whole family with you. Keep in mind that you will be required to comply with the laws and to renew your visa at the appropriate time. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, it is a good idea to seek assistance from professionals who are highly familiar with the process. The following table provides an overview of the various licensing categories as well as an estimate of the associated fees for each:

Renewal of residence visa in Dubai

Verify the validity of your visa by keeping an eye on the date your resident visa is set to expire so that you can renew it in a timely manner.

Collect all of the necessary documents: Get ready to renew your visa by gathering the required documents, which may include copies of your passport and Emirates ID card, as well as proof of residence and health insurance.

Send in your application for the renewal: Pay a visit to the appropriate immigration authorities or make use of available online platforms to submit your application to renew your visa.

Pay the Renewal amount: In order to renew your visa, you will need to pay the appropriate amount, which will change based on the type of visa you now hold and how long it will be valid for.

Participate in medical examinations The procedure of renewing certain types of visas may require applicants to participate in a medical examination.

After the visa renewal has been accepted, you will need to obtain the renewed resident visa and make sure that it is updated on your Emirates ID card.

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