Decision regarding residents of the Emirates and government services

Secret shoppers and residents of the UAE have contributed to the process of determining which government service centers in the UAE are the best and which are the worst for 2023.

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His Highness said that the right of people living in the UAE to receive a distinguished government service is something that we will not compromise on. Monday was the day when Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates as well as ruler of Dubai, posted a message on the tenth podium.One of the primary responsibilities of every government official is to communicate with the general public in a constructive way.

In accordance with this position, the vice president of the United Arab Emirates issued a decision to change the head of Kalba hospital, which was ranked among the worst hospitals in the country this year. He also stated that management teams of low-rated companies that show no signs of improvement can be replaced within sixty days.

To be clear, this is not the first time Sheikh Mohammed has publicly criticized organizations for their performance, both positive and negative. For 2019, all entities that performed well in the assessment were given a two-month wage bonus, while the managers of companies that received a negative rating were changed.

The UAE has been awarding stars for its government services since 2011. Service channels are rated on a scale ranging from two to Seven Stars by the system. Now you have all the information you need regarding the system.

What criteria are used to evaluate government service centers?

As stated on its website, the system assigns ratings to service channels based on the results of independent evaluations and ratings of services provided to customers. The advantages and limitations of the channel are highlighted in a report that is an assessment or rating.

The evaluation of entities is based on eight pillars, which include customer experience, channels through which services are provided, efficiency, personal empowerment, and technology integration. During this time, measurements of customer satisfaction and persuasive shopping, as well as employee satisfaction, are taken simultaneously.

When are entity evaluations repeated?

This assessment is carried out once every two years for service channels.

Does the project contribute to the improvement of government services?

Actually. The system aims to encourage entities to increase their star ratings. As an example, Al Dhafra center received a six-star rating this year, an improvement from the previous year's four-star rating.

Who are these mystery shoppers? Evaluate the services provided by the government?

Persuasive shopping is a technique that is frequently used for the purpose of collecting information and evaluating the quality of the services provided. Previous statements made by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid have referred to his personal team of secret shoppers, who are sent to review the services provided by the government.

In 2019, he tweeted a photo taken by a secret shopper and showed huge queues of people waiting for their service at the Emirates Post Office in Alkarama. He issued a reprimand to the government agency and made its performance report publicly available, highlighting the importance of providing more effective customer service.

There is also recognition of good performance. At the beginning of this year, he paid tribute to Omar Bu Shihab, CEO of Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Establishment, for providing "exceptional"customer service. The top-ranking official was seen at the service desk, where he was seen greeting customers, speeding up operations, helping to clear transactions, according to photos shared by undercover shoppers.

Are residents able to participate in persuasive shopping?

By using the UAE secret shopper app, they can do this. Users can review the overall experience of service centers, as stated in the job description. In addition, they have the ability to evaluate such things as location, parking spaces, reception, waiting time, operations, completion time, service costs, payment method and employee attitude.

"Either during or after their visit to the service center, customers have the opportunity to contribute their input regarding the smart application. The comments section gives users the opportunity to further clarify their experience, giving government agencies important data that will help identify areas of strength and weakness.

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