Details of the arrest and trial of thieves in residential complexes in Dubai

A few hours ago, the UAE authorities revealed details of how the UAE police in Dubai arrested and prosecuted thieves in residential complexes, after they stole bicycles and electric bicycles from garages.

In Dubai, the details of the arrest and trial of thieves who committed their crimes in residential complexes

A few hours ago, the authorities of the United Arab Emirates disclosed the specifics of how the UAE police in Dubai apprehended and sentenced thieves in residential complexes. The incidents occurred after the thieves stole bicycles and electric bicycles from garages.

Trial of motorcycle thieves in Dubai

The trial of robbers who stole motorcycles in Dubai, They were not pleased with the crime that they did in one of the residential complexes in Dubai, as the police captured them within minutes of stealing a bicycle that its owner had left in an open garage. The thieves also stole electric bikes. One of the residential complexes in Dubai is located in Dubai. It turned out that they were four Asian defendants, who formed a gang to steal bicycles, and five electric bicycles (scooters) were seized in their possession. », They were referred to the Public Prosecution, and from there to the Misdemeanor Court, which punished them with imprisonment for a month and their deportation from the state. In the facts of the case, it was revealed that a resident of one of the villas in a residential complex in Dubai was told of the disappearance of a bicycle that belonged to his little boy. This was according to what was proven in the court's certainty, and the court's conscience was reassured by it. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that the child had a habit of leaving the bicycle in the open garage of the villa, and that he was taken aback when he went down to play with it for the first time. After that, he told the security staff of the complex, who then contacted the authorities. Following the completion of the appropriate investigations, it was discovered that the individuals who were accused were participating in this criminal activity.

Dubai Police arrest thieves stealing bikes

The police in Dubai apprehend robbers who stole bicycles, According to the findings of the investigation, the defendants divided up the roles among themselves. One of them drove a saloon car, while three others kept an eye on the bicycles and electric bicycles that were left by their owners. When they saw the bicycle that was left in the parking lot, they stole it and moved away from the location. However, they were taken into custody when they were surprised by the police who were waiting for them. They were arrested, and the bike was seized from their possession, while one of the accused stated that he works as a driver, and he received a call from one of the other accused, asking him to transport items from the Jebel Ali area to Al Quoz, so he moved to the area that witnessed the incident, indicating that he is familiar with it, as he works there in Sometimes, the accused added that he met the three accused inside the residential complex. They had five electric scooters and a bicycle, and they asked him to load them into the vehicle. While they were loading, a police patrol came and arrested them, and they seized the stolen items. The accused also stated that he was able to retrieve the stolen items.

Dubai Misdemeanor Court determines the punishment for thieves who stole bicycles from a villa

In Dubai, the Misdemeanor Court is responsible for deciding the punishment for robbers who stole bicycles from a mansion, After reviewing the case, the court acknowledged that it was satisfied with the statements that were recorded in the arrest report of the whistleblower, as well as the confessions that the defendants made during the investigations conducted by the Public Prosecution and in front of the court. This satisfies the legal requirements that are associated with the accusation that was brought against them. Due to the fact that it was determined that the defendants should be granted a reasonable level of clemency in light of the circumstances and conditions of the case, it decided that each and every one of them should be sentenced to imprisonment. It was decided that they should be deported from the state after they had been detained for a month, taking into consideration the nature of the crime and the threat it posed to society.

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