Dubai announces a new road project to cut peak-hour travel time to 1 minute

A significant road improvement initiative in Dubai on Al Meydan Street aims to decrease peak-hour traffic duration from eight minutes to one.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) reports that the project has reached an 85% completion milestone, showcasing substantial advancements.

Improvements for Enhanced Efficiency:

The initiative, spanning from the Al Khail Street intersection to the Cyclists Club, encompasses various enhancements. These include expanding the street's capacity from two to three lanes, replacing the Al Meydan Roundabout with a T-shaped signalized surface intersection, and transforming the Al Quoz roundabout into an extended street along the route.

Anticipated Reduction in Intersection Congestion:

Hamad Al Shehhi, the director of the Roads, Traffic, and Roads Agency at RTA, expressed optimism about the project's impact on intersection congestion. He mentioned that congestion is expected to drop significantly, reaching nearly 95%, contributing to a smoother traffic flow in the area.

Upcoming Phase and Completion Timeline:

The subsequent phase of the Al Meydan Street Improvement Project will involve modifications to the entrances and exits of Mohammed Bin Rashid City, further enhancing traffic flow in the vicinity. The entire project is projected to be completed by the beginning of the second quarter of 2024, promising comprehensive improvements.

Innovations for cyclists:

The RTA just opened a tunnel in the Al Meydan neighborhood specifically for bike lanes as part of the larger expansion. About 800 bicyclists can pass through this tunnel in one hour. Bicycle waiting times have been greatly decreased by turning the cycling track's surface intersection into a tunnel, which has improved the infrastructure's efficiency and friendliness for cyclists.

The ongoing efforts align with the RTA's commitment to enhancing transportation infrastructure in Dubai, ensuring optimal traffic management, and providing improved facilities for cyclists in the city. This project reflects Dubai's dedication to sustainable urban planning and the continued development of its road network to accommodate the growing needs of its residents and visitors.

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