Dubai authorities warn of fines of up to Dh300 for breaking the laws governing bicycles and e-scooters

When riding on the emirate's streets, keep in mind the following 7 infractions and the associated fine amounts.

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Because of their simplicity of use and convenience, e-scooters and bicycles have grown very popular in the United Arab Emirates. They are now frequently seen on the nation's streets, whether they are travelling small distances or returning from the metro.

But did you know that Dubai aggressively enforces traffic laws to guarantee safety? Residents and visitors are urged to ride bicycles and e-scooters on authorised tracks, according to a Sunday advisory from the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

When using an e-scooter or bicycle, keep in mind these seven penalties:

  1. If you ride an electric bicycle or bicycle with a passenger, the fee is Dh200.
  2. If you use the Dh300 e-scooter with a passenger,
  3. Not donning the necessary protective gear and helmet—Dh200
  4. Disregarding the RTA's speed restrictions on approved tracks: Dh100
  5. If your bicycle riding puts your life or the lives of others in danger, you will be fined Dh300.
  6. disregard for the directional indicators on the highways and railroads 200 Dh
  7. Children under 12 who ride without an adult companion pay Dh200.

Rules to abide by

The RTA has reminded locals of the restrictions they must abide by in order to avoid being penalised in a social media advice.

Riders must follow authorised tracks and traffic directions; the maximum speed on designated tracks in residential zones and on beaches is 20 km/h.

E-scooters are restricted to drivers under the age of sixteen, and it is against the law to transport a passenger in one of these vehicles. Furthermore, minors under the age of twelve need to be accompanied by an adult.

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