Dubai Court Fines Arab Man and his European Wife for Mutual Assault

In a recent case, the Dubai Misdemeanor Court has imposed fines on an Arab man and his European wife after finding them guilty of engaging in mutual assault. This incident arose from a heated verbal argument and ongoing disagreements between the couple.

The wife accused her husband of kicking her and striking her with a plastic chair, while the husband alleged that she acted provocatively and hit him with the metal buckle of a belt.

Altercation Unfolds at Home

Their children witnessed the altercation as it took place inside their house. As the situation escalated, the police were called to intervene. Both parties subsequently filed reports against each other, leading to their case being brought before the Public Prosecution and eventually to the Misdemeanor Court in Dubai. In the end, the court decided to levy fines of 2,000 dirhams on each of them.

Key Details of the Case

The court's findings, supported by evidence from the public prosecutor's investigations, painted a detailed picture of the incident. It all began when the wife entered her husband's bedroom one morning with their children while he was still asleep. He raised his voice and requested that they vacate the room. When the wife returned to change her clothes, the husband physically pushed her and their children out of the room, kicking her in the stomach.

Escalation and mutual aggression

She attempted to pacify the situation, but her husband continued to shove her and struck her on the head with a plastic children's chair. In response, she wielded a belt and struck back, eventually forcing him to leave the room. However, the accounts provided by both defendants in the lawsuit were contradictory, further complicating the matter.

Conflicting Accounts

The husband contended that he was in his home when the altercation occurred and that his wife initiated the physical confrontation by pushing him, to which he responded in kind. However, he claimed that she escalated the situation by employing a belt with a metal buckle to strike him. In his account, he tried to distance her from him, but she fell to the ground and began to cry and scream, prompting him to leave the house with their children.

A Complex Legal Decision

The wife, on the other hand, argued that her husband verbally berated her in front of their children and kicked her in the stomach. She claimed that she was compelled to defend herself using a belt, but that he persisted in his assault until he eventually exited the room. The forensic medical examination report corroborated the couple's accounts, revealing that both had sustained superficial injuries without permanent disability.

Lenient Sentencing

In light of these circumstances and findings, the court decided not to dismiss the charges against the defendants. Instead, it opted for a more lenient approach, sentencing each of them to a fine.

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