Dubai Court obligates a husband to pay 40,000 dirhams in compensation to his wife

The Dubai Court issued a court ruling obligating a husband to pay 40,000 dirhams in compensation to his wife after he beat her and damaged her vehicle.

The Dubai Court has ordered that a husband pay his wife an amount equal to 40,000 dirhams as compensation.

Following an incident in which the husband assaulted his wife and caused damage to her vehicle, the Dubai Court issued a verdict that required the husband to compensate his wife with 40,000 dirhams.

Dubai Court punishes a husband who beat his wife and damaged her vehicle

A Dubai court handed down a sentence against a man who had beaten his wife and caused damage to her vehicle, After assaulting his wife and causing damage to her vehicle, a man from the Gulf was ordered by the Civil Court of First Instance in Dubai to make a payment of 150,000 dirhams to his wife. The man from the Gulf filed an appeal against the finding that was made in the first instance, and the Court of Appeal determined that the compensation should be reduced to 40,000 dirhams, with 5% interest accruing from the date the ruling was issued until complete payment.

A woman resorts to justice in Dubai after her husband beat her

After being beaten by her husband, a lady seeks redress in the courts of Dubai, According to the civil lawsuit papers that were submitted by an Asian woman before the court of first instance, in which she demanded that her husband, the "defendant," be obligated to pay her 250,000 dirhams, as compensation for the material and moral damages she suffered as a result of the harmful act committed by the husband, the "defendant," in addition to the legal interest at the rate of 9% from the date of the judicial claim until payment, because of disagreements that broke out between them.

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