Dubai Court punishes a young man with a fine of 100,000 dirhams and prevents him from transferring money

The Dubai Court issued a judicial ruling punishing a young man with two years in prison and a fine of 100,000 dirhams, and preventing him from depositing or transferring money to others except after obtaining a security permit, as the Dubai Court of Appeal considered him a drug user for the second time.

A young man was sentenced by the Dubai Court to pay a fine of one hundred thousand dirhams and was prohibited from transferring any money.

Due to the fact that the Dubai Court of Appeal found him to be a repeat drug user for the second time, the Dubai Court of Judicature issued a ruling that sentenced a young man to two years in prison, a fine of one hundred thousand dirhams, and prohibited him from depositing or transferring money to others unless he first obtained a security permit. In addition, the ruling stated that he would not be eligible for parole until he paid the fine.

Punishment for conviction for consuming banned substances for the second time in the UAE

The punishment for those who are found guilty of taking substances that are prohibited for a second time in the UAE, The Court of Appeal in Dubai reduced a sentence that was imposed by a court of first instance, to imprisonment from two years to only one month only. However, it upheld a severe fine of 100,000 dirhams against someone convicted of drug abuse for the second time, according to the ruling of the court of first instance and the indictment of the Public Prosecution, and it ordered him to be prohibited from transferring or depositing any money to others. By himself or via others, with the exception of receiving approval from the Central Bank of the Emirates, in conjunction with the Ministry of Interior for a period of two years following the completion of the sentence of incarceration.

The UAE monitors users of prohibited substances through periodic examination

The United Arab Emirates conducts random drug testing to keep an eye on those who use illegal substances, According to the facts of the case, the accused was required to undergo periodic assessment as part of the aftercare program run by the General Department of Narcotics Control under the Dubai Police Department. The accused person signed a decision stating that he would not object to having a sample of his urine taken if he was asked to provide one and that he would comply with the system of periodic and surprise examinations. He was provided with a schedule for reviews, and on the date that was stated for the review, the accused attended and voluntarily provided a sample for examination. The sample was then analyzed. After being examined, it was discovered that it contained a psychoactive chemical, and when questioned about it, he admitted to having done it. Through the use of the medication known as "Crystal."

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