Dubai Criminal Court fined 3 employees 4.5 million dirhams and punished them with imprisonment and deportation

The Dubai Criminal Court issued a final ruling in the case of defrauding customers who bought cars from a car showroom where they worked, then seized their money and resold the cars again. The court fined them 4.5 million dirhams and punished them with imprisonment and deportation to their country after serving their sentence.

The Dubai Criminal Court handed down sentences of imprisonment and deportation, in addition to imposing a fine of 4.5 million dirhams, against three males.

The Dubai Criminal Court has handed down its final decision in the matter of employees of a car showroom who are accused of cheating consumers who bought cars from the showroom where they worked, taking the customers' money and then reselling the cars. The judge found them guilty and sentenced them to 4.5 million dirhams in fines, as well as imprisonment, and once they had served their time, they were deported back to their home country.

Fraudsters working in a car showroom steal customers' money

Con artists that work in a car dealership take the customers' money while they are there, After committing fraud, forgery, and transferring ownership of distinctive vehicles and numbers, and then selling them again, without the knowledge of their first owner, two Arab sellers at a luxury vehicle trade showroom, in partnership with an Asian employee, seized four million and three hundred fifty thousand dirhams from three customers. The sellers were working at a luxury vehicle trade showroom. The circumstances of the case played out as they did. When a man from the Gulf submitted a report in October of last year indicating that he had been cheated by two people working in a luxury vehicle trade showroom, the victim said that before to filing the case, he had planned to purchase four vehicles from a showroom in Dubai in order to export them to his native country. He further stated that he had attended the exhibition in order to examine a number of automobiles that he was interested in purchasing, and that he had reached an agreement with the seller (the first defendant) to purchase a "Rolls Royce" and another "Range Rover" with four numbers, as well as two "Lamborghini" and "Land Rover" automobiles, all of which were valued at three million dollars. And one hundred thousand dirhams, and he followed the sellers (the first and second accused) as they registered the vehicles and transferred ownership of the vehicles in accordance with the prescribed procedures. During the course of the investigations, he stated that he had moved one of these vehicles to a hotel in Dubai where he resided, as well as shipped one of these vehicles back to his native country; however, he had left the other two vehicles on display at the exhibition until they were exported at a later time. A week after the date of purchase, he was taken aback when his son told him that someone had transferred the name of the vehicle owner on the system to another person. As a result, he went to the competent authority, which confirmed that he had sold two vehicles to another person, and he then reported the incident to the police. In the end, the situation was resolved satisfactorily.

Cases of fraud when buying cars

Instances of fraud committed by car buyers, The second victim stated that he had acquired a Rolls Royce vehicle with special numbers and a value of one million and 800 thousand dirhams from the same shop. However, after making the purchase, he learned that the vehicle was desired by the security services and that its documentation were phony. While the third victim stated that the first and second defendants offered him a luxury automobile without an engine for two hundred and fifty thousand dirhams, and he agreed to buy it, the first victim stated that the third victim was the one who agreed to buy the vehicle. After spending a month preparing it and attempting to register it with the Roads and Transport Authority, he found out that its documents were phony, so he reported the incident to the police. He then spent another month preparing it. The employee of the registration department gave testimony, as stated in the case file. At the request of its direct official, who is referred to as the "third defendant," the Roads and Transport Authority stated that it carried out the first operation and transferred ownership of the four vehicles and the distinctive numbers from the defendants to the first Gulf victim in accordance with the generally accepted controls. The Roads and Transport Authority also confirmed that it did not carry out the process of reselling the victim's vehicles again.

Punishment for fraudsters who steal customers' money when buying cars

Fraudsters who steal money from people while they are buying cars should be punished, The Dubai Criminal Court handed down the following sentences to the three fraudsters who were responsible for reselling the cars after they had already been sold: three years in prison for the first, three years in absentia for the second, and three years in presence for the third. In addition, they were fined a total of 150,000 dirhams, which is equal to the amount of money that was involved in the crime, which is 4,350,000 dirhams. Finally, they were deported from the state after serving their sentences.

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