Dubai Criminal Court punishes expatriates with a fine of 100,000, imprisonment and deportation

The Dubai Criminal Court punished two expatriates with a fine of 100 dirhams, imprisonment and deportation from the country because they promoted prohibited materials through the WhatsApp application.

The expatriates are punished by the Dubai Criminal Court with a fine of one hundred thousand dollars, incarceration, and deportation.

Because they distributed illegal content through the use of the WhatsApp messaging service, two foreign nationals were sentenced to one year in prison, a fine of one hundred dirhams, and expulsion from the United Arab Emirates by the Dubai Criminal Court.

Imprisonment and deportation of Asians who promoted drugs via WhatsApp

Asians who promoted illegal narcotics over WhatsApp could face imprisonment and deportation, according to a new law, Two people from Asia were brought before the Criminal Court in Dubai, where they were each given a sentence of three years in prison, fined one hundred thousand dirhams, and then expelled from the nation when they had served their terms. They were found guilty of possessing money that had been gained via the sale of illegal drugs.

The General Administration of Narcotics Control in the UAE pursues drug traffickers

In the United Arab Emirates, the General Administration of Narcotics Control goes after people who sell drugs, The facts of the case date back to June of last year, when the General Administration for the Control of Narcotics received information from a reliable source stating that a person of Asian nationality had sold and promoted narcotic substances and psychotropic substances to users in exchange for sums of money via the WhatsApp application. This information was received by the General Administration for the Control of Narcotics. After conducting research and conducting investigations, it was discovered that the information was accurate. The accused person was apprehended in the Al-Muraqqabat region, and the second accused person was with him at the time.

Investigating defendants on charges of promoting prohibited materials via WhatsApp

Defendants are being investigated on suspicion of promoting illegal content through the use of WhatsApp, During the course of the inquiry, the first accused individual acknowledged to advertising and selling narcotics through the use of the application WhatsApp and an international phone number from his home country. He claimed that the second accused individual was the one who received the money through the bank account that was used to pay for the value of the narcotics. The second accused rejected the charges of advocating or trafficking in drugs, although he did concede that the first accused wanted information about him. In the year 2020, he opened a bank account with the intention of using it to accept money from individuals located within the country in exchange for a 5% fee on the total value of the money received. He accepted the offer, gave him the ATM card and its PIN, and claimed that two months earlier, after getting 200,000 dirhams, he was given 10,000 dirhams by the first accused. He did this after he had already received the money. They were not accepted. The court issued its decision, which was previously mentioned.

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