Dubai: Inaugural Emirates Flight Using Sustainable Fuel Departs from DXB

Emirates Airlines, in partnership with Shell Aviation, recently embarked on an environmentally responsible journey, marking the first-ever use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at Dubai International Airport (DXB). This pioneering initiative is set to transform the aviation industry and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Emirates Takes a Green Leap with Sustainable Aviation Fuel

On October 24, Emirates Flight EK 412, en route to Sydney, joined the pioneering group of flights powered by sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supplied by Shell Aviation, signifying a momentous achievement in sustainable aviation.

Shell's Contribution

Shell Aviation took a central role in this endeavor by delivering 315,000 gallons of blended sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to Emirates at DXB. This SAF blend consists of 40% pure SAF and 60% traditional Jet A-1 fuel, ensuring its seamless integration into the existing airport infrastructure and the entire Emirates aircraft fleet.

Eco-Friendly Benefits

SAF is known for its remarkable environmental benefits, as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% over its life cycle compared to traditional jet fuel. This eco-friendly choice aligns with Emirates' commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Blockchain-Powered Monitoring

Emirates has taken the innovative step of using Avelia, Shell Aviation's blockchain-powered book and claim solution, to monitor the delivery, use, and environmental advantages of SAF. This ensures transparency and accountability in SAF utilization.

A Vision for Sustainable Flying

Sir Tim Clark, President of Emirates Airline, highlighted the airline's proactive stance in promoting sustainable flying. The move to power flights with SAF from the Dubai hub is part of a broader strategy to reduce emissions and support customers in minimizing their carbon footprint.

A Call for Industry-Wide Change

Emirates hopes its partnership with Shell Aviation will encourage more producers to address supply gaps and make SAF readily available at major aviation hubs worldwide. This initiative reflects the airline's dedication to environmental stewardship.

Industry Leadership

Emirates has been at the forefront of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) adoption, pioneering the region's inaugural 100% SAF-powered demonstration flight in January.

The airline is committed to advancing the aviation industry's knowledge of SAF utilization in higher concentration blends, its efficacy, safety, and dependability. These endeavors are geared toward fostering the establishment of standards and the eventual certification of 100% SAF for regular commercial usage.

Commitment to Sustainability

Emirates has been incorporating sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) into its operations since 2017 and has executed flights using SAF blends from several cities. The airline is actively engaged in industry and government working groups and collaborates with stakeholders to facilitate the expansion of sustainable aviation fuel production and distribution.

This groundbreaking initiative marks a step forward in reducing carbon emissions in the aviation sector. Emirates' commitment to sustainable aviation is setting new standards and inspiring change throughout the industry.

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