offcialy.. The UAE issues a decision regarding low-income people

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has recently implemented a policy aimed at assisting individuals with low incomes, In partnership with Emirates Islamic Bank, the Endowments and Minors' Funds Management Foundation in Dubai (Awqaf Dubai) has introduced a prepaid bank card called Sanid, This initiative enables eligible members of society to conveniently make purchases at different sales centers by utilizing the Sanid card.

he Foundation issued 3,000 Sanid cards worth 3 million dirhams to groups who receive social help from the Foundation, such as orphans, widows, senior persons, people of determination, and those with limited income. The card includes a monetary value of one thousand dirhams, which the institution deposits in advance in a specific account with Emirates Islamic. The card holder also receives discounts from the Carrefour network of businesses and the Union Cooperative Society. The cardholder can make retail purchases in UAE dirhams at points of sale.

The purpose of this institution

Ali Al-Mutawa, Secretary-General of the Endowments Foundation and Minors' Funds Management, confirmed that one of the Foundation's priorities is to provide social support to deserving segments, and that issuing the Sanid card contributes to empowering orphans, widows, and people of determination, providing the necessary support to ensure a decent life for senior citizens and those with limited income, and improving the standard of living for these groups.

Al-Mutawa went on to say, "The Foundation seeks to build partnerships with various private and government agencies to give selected community groups access to many benefits and services that improve their quality of life."

Al-Mutawa emphasized the Foundation's eagerness to interact and coordinate with the relevant authorities in order to reach the segments of society in need of assistance and guarantee that they receive the Foundation's services for the benefit and long-term good of society.

Launching the Sand bank card

For his part, the chief executive officer of Emirates Islamic Bank, Farid Al Mulla, said in a statement: "We are pleased to cooperate with the Dubai Endowments to launch the Saned banking card with the aim of providing financial support to those who deserve it from members of the Emirati community, and in accordance with the basic principles of Islamic Sharia, our priority has always been ensuring well-being and the greater good." For both the person and the society. Through such partnerships and deliberate activities, we are committed as a responsible Islamic financial institution to empowering and improving the communities in which we operate.

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