Dubai announces Al Ameen service for anonymous reporting of illegal activities

The 'Al Ameen' program was implemented by Dubai to encourage citizens to report criminal activity, improve public safety, and uphold the rule of law. To protect the safety and security of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, this program invites citizens to report any criminal activity they witness.

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Diverse Range of Reportable Activities

Anyone can use the 'Al Ameen' service to report any kind of behavior they believe to be immoral, damaging to society, or otherwise against the law. Corruption, exploitation of workers, damaging terrorist and extremist activities, armed gangs, organized crime, forged official papers, counterfeit currencies, espionage, and the dissemination of falsehoods and propaganda are all examples of what should be reported.

Moreover, regulatory breaches, ethical misconduct, and unlawful activities that may adversely affect security and welfare are also reportable.

Confidentiality is key

One of the distinctive features of the 'Al Ameen' service is the assurance of complete anonymity. When individuals use this service, their identity remains confidential, along with the information they provide. Authorities do not involve the reporting individual after an incident or crime is reported, ensuring that strict confidentiality is maintained.

Encouraging Public Participation

Citizens, residents, and visitors alike are strongly encouraged by the governments of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates to take advantage of the 'Al Ameen' service. They emphasize the value of speaking up and sharing facts for the sake of the UAE.

Awareness and Outreach

To promote awareness of the 'Al Ameen' service, the Government of Dubai organizes various conferences, forums, and discussions. Additionally, the service maintains an active presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, sharing information related to safety and crimes. It also highlights emerging crime methodologies, especially those involving online services or social media platforms, to keep the public vigilant and informed.

Accessibility and Availability

The 'Al Ameen' service operates 24/7, providing multiple reporting options. Individuals can use social media channels, a dedicated phone application, a toll-free number (800 4444), a WhatsApp number (+971 54 800 4444), or SMS (4444) to register complaints.

The 'Al Ameen' service empowers individuals to play an active role in ensuring the security and welfare of Dubai and the UAE. It provides a confidential and accessible platform for reporting illegal activities and contributes to the overall safety and lawfulness of the emirate and the nation.

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