Dubai Police: A fine and deportation for expatriates for this reason

An Asian woman was involved in the purchase of a quantity of crystal meth online. After contacting a drug dealer located in an Asian country, she agreed with him to transfer the money to his account, and a social media application was used to send her the location of where the drugs were hidden.

The woman was referred to the Public Prosecution in Dubai, then to the Misdemeanor Court on charges of using and transferring money to buy drugs, where she was punished with a fine. Then, the Court of Appeal upheld the ruling, punishing her with deportation and a measure that would prevent the transfer of money by herself or through others for a period of two years. Lastly, the woman was fined. In a case that was quite similar to this one, a young Asian man was fined the same amount of money and deported after he deposited money into a bank account with the intention of purchasing hashish for his own personal use, but he was detained while under the effect of the drug.

The facts of the case stated that secret investigations conducted by the General Department of Narcotics Control in Dubai Police found that the 42-year-old accused was communicating with a drug dealer outside of the country, and she deposited 600 dirhams in his account, in exchange for sending him a map of a location where she hid a quantity of hashish that she had purchased for this amount of money. The investigation was carried out by the General Department of Narcotics Control in the Dubai Police. She stated that she had acquired permission from the Public Prosecution to arrest the accused, raided her residence, and then brought her to the General Department of Criminal Evidence. There, a sample was collected from her, and it was discovered that it included two components of narcotic narcotics.

The accused woman admitted while being questioned in the arrest report and the investigations being conducted by the Public Prosecution that she had been in contact with a person from outside the country, and that she had transferred money to his account in exchange for a quantity of crystal meth that he hid in his location, and that he had sent her a map of the location via an application that was designated for that purpose. This information was revealed when she was questioned.

After examining the case, the court stated that it was satisfied with the rest of the evidence and that it had become firmly established that the accused had taken the drug that had been sent to her by the unknown accused. The court then decided to punish the accused with the more severe charge of the two charges that were directed against her, while also showing her clemency, and then ruled to fine her in the amount of 10,000 dirhams.

The Public Prosecution, for its part, filed an appeal against the verdict, during which it demanded the addition of deportation measures and the prevention of the movement of cash. The appeal was granted by the Court of Appeal, which also granted the request made by the Prosecution.

In a case that was very similar to this one, the Misdemeanor Court decided that the appropriate punishment for an Asian was to deportation from the state as well as a fine of 10,000 dirhams. This decision was made after the court was certain of what was stated in the Public Prosecution and police investigations, which was that the accused had deposited a sum of money in one of the bank accounts of a drug trafficker located outside of the country in exchange for purchasing a quantity of the drug Cannabis.

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