Dubai Police arrests 43 members of an international hacker gang stealing victims' money

A few hours ago, Dubai Police announced the arrest of an international hacker gang that was stealing victims’ money and transferring it. This gang was targeting companies in particular to steal their money.

43 members of an international cyber ring that stole money from victims have been arrested by the Dubai Police.

Dubai Police made the announcement a few hours ago that they had apprehended an international hacking gang that had been stealing money from victims and transferring it to other accounts. This criminal organization singled certain businesses in particular in order to steal money from them.

Ways hacker gangs steal companies' money

Methods that hacking groups use to steal money from companies, The Dubai Police General Command carried out a stringent security operation to target an international gang that includes professional hackers and experienced fraudsters who target major companies in several countries by hacking correspondence between their presidents and directors via email and issuing orders to transfer money in their names to bank accounts outside of the country. This operation was carried out by an international gang that targeted major companies in several countries. Targeting primarily the leaders of major companies, businessmen, and very wealthy people, but despite their cunning, they were on the lookout for them, through elites, the countries in which these companies are located, and the Dubai Police confirmed that the professional hackers of this gang identify their victims with great accuracy and study their electronic activities. One of the most capable officers and specialists in the fight against cybercrime, armed with the most recent innovations available in this area of expertise.

Dubai Police tracked financial transfers carried out by the gang in two stages

The financial transactions that were carried out by the gang were followed by the Dubai Police in two stages, Despite the extreme caution shown by the members of the gang, Dubai Police was able to track financial transfers carried out by the gang in two stages, for a total amount estimated to be $36 million. This was made possible by a specialized team in Dubai Police's General Department of Criminal Investigations and Investigations that focuses on combating cybercrime. This team was able to track the transfers thanks to its expertise in combating cybercrime. Because money is transferred from one account to another, it is impossible to keep track of it until it may be withdrawn from one of the accounts.

Dubai Police brings down an international hacker gang called Monopoly

Dubai Police have successful in taking down an international hacking group known as Monopoly, During the operation known as "Monopoly," the case follow-up team made arrests of 43 defendants of various nationalities. Additionally, the identity of the gang boss, who is currently located outside the country, and 20 other defendants were identified. An international prosecution order, also known as a "red notice," was issued against them so that the Dubai Police could assist in dismantling one of the most dangerous gangs in the world that specializes in piracy and fraud, and so that they could assist in returning significant sums of money to the businesses that had been defrauded.

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