The emirates Police discusses amendments to the traffic law to enhance the tourism sector

Several reliable sources have reported that changes to Dubai's traffic law and the impact those changes will have on the car rental industry in the country. These reports are based on recent discussions that took place between the Dubai Police in the United Arab Emirates and car rental companies.

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New amendments to the traffic law in Dubai

There were many provisions of the Traffic Law and the recent amendments that were included in Decree No. 23 of 2023 that were discussed, all of which pertained to the impoundment of vehicles in the Emirate of Dubai.

During the discussions between the two parties, other topics that were brought up included unifying and coordinating efforts to support the car rental sector, which plays an important role in enhancing the competitiveness of the tourism sector, which represents one of the basic pillars of the emirate's economy, as well as ways to increase traffic safety on the roads.

In addition to the Dubai Police delegation, which was led by the Acting Deputy Director of the General Traffic Department, the most recent meeting was attended by Maha Al Gergawi, who is the Vice President of the Business Community Interest Support Sector in Dubai.

Chambers; Marwan Al Mulla, who is the Chairman of the Car Rental Working Group; Mohammed Al Rayes, who is the Vice Chairman of the Car Rental Working Group; and Marwan Al Mulla, who is the Vice Chairman of the Car Rental Working Group. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Qaidi was the rank of Colonel.

Serving the business community in Dubai

During the most recent meeting, attendees deliberated on the best ways to coordinate their efforts and put them to use in order to better serve the business community in Dubai. It was also decided that law enforcement standards and requirements should be disseminated throughout the car rental industry.

When it comes to the policies that regulate their industries, boost their competitiveness, and increase the amount they contribute to the economy of Dubai, business groups are a crucial component of the business community as a whole.

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce has been successful in establishing more than one hundred different business groups in order to ensure that a diverse range of economic activities and business sectors are adequately represented in Dubai.

Maintain the speed that was specified

The majority of Emirati streets have had their maximum and minimum speed limits established by the Traffic Police. The speed limit on highways is between 100 and 120 kilometers per hour, while the speed limit in urban areas is 60 kilometers per hour and the speed limit in residential areas is 40 kilometers per hour.

This division makes certain that the drivers are safe and cuts down on Drivers have a responsibility to adhere to these specified speeds in order to avoid being subject to any kind of penalty and to reduce the risk of being involved in a traffic accident, which are already at high levels. When driving in the United Arab Emirates.

violating the instructions for the traffic rules can result in a fine of 3,000 dirhams and 23 points on your driving record if you go over the maximum speed limit by more than 80 kilometers per hour. The light vehicle will be held in impound for a period of one month.

Reckless driving

Every action that drivers perform that puts other people's lives and their property at jeopardy is referred to as reckless driving. Driving recklessly encompasses a wide range of behaviors, such as obstructing traffic, abruptly turning off the road, and operating a vehicle without number plates. The offenders face a fine of $2,000 for their crimes. 23 traffic infractions are logged, 23 Emirati dirhams are forfeited, and the car is seized for 60 days.

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