Dubai Police distributes free gifts to motorists on the roads and streets

Hours ago, Dubai Police announced that it will distribute free gifts to car drivers on the roads intended for children in order to maintain their safety.

On the roads and streets of Dubai, members of the Dubai Police Department hand out free gifts to passing cars.

The Dubai Police only a few hours ago made an announcement that they will be handing out free gifts to car drivers on the roads that are designed for children. This is being done to ensure the children's safety.

Dubai Police distributes child car seats for free to parents on the roads of the emirate

On the roadways of the emirate, the Dubai Police Department gives away free infant car seats to the parents who need them, The administration has begun a public education initiative with the working title "Children's Seat, Safety and Reassurance" in order to improve the children's safety on the roads. This will be accomplished by raising awareness among parents of the significance of installing a child's seat in order to shield them from the dangers of being involved in an accident. As part of the promotion, the chairs were given away for free to parents on a number of different streets, and the Director of the Department verified this action. According to Dubai Police Traffic General Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, the administration places a high priority on ensuring the well-being of children and shielding them from the potential risks posed by automobile collisions. He urged parents to abide by the rules of the road and install car seats for their children in the appropriate locations within their vehicles.

Dubai Police warns drivers against behavior that puts children's safety at risk

The Dubai Police have issued a warning to drivers to refrain from engaging in behavior that could endanger youngsters, He cautioned against inappropriate actions that pose a significant risk to children, such as leaving or holding the child's father or mother in the front seat, as this is a flagrant breach of the law as well as behavior that puts the child's life and safety in jeopardy. He brought up the point that the seat should not be occupied by people who are younger than 10 years old or who have a height that is less than 145 centimeters. The front portion is also in violation of the law, and it poses a risk to the kid's safety in the event that the driver comes to an abrupt halt, or in the event that the vehicle is involved in a collision with another vehicle, because a child of the child's size is more likely to rush forward and either run into the internal components of the vehicle or rush out of the vehicle. He added that the fine that is to be given for this infraction of the law is four hundred dirhams.

Dubai Police instructions regarding choosing child seats in the car

Guidelines provided by the Dubai Police Department on selecting appropriate car seats for children, He made the point that Dubai Police is collaborating with its partners in the campaign to educate members of the community about the most appropriate ways to choose seats that are appropriate for the child's age and how to install them appropriately, in a way that assures the safety of everyone within the vehicle. Specifically, he emphasized the need of using booster seats for children under the age of four. During the campaign period, the department is also responsible for delivering complimentary seats to parents on various highways in recognition of the tremendous amount of cooperation that has been shown. This was made clear by the campaign partners by their provision of kid safety seats as well as their provision of gifts and incentive awards.

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