Dubai Police honors a woman who helped save a person and arrest a gang

Dubai Police announced honoring a woman who helped rescue a person and arrest a gang that was stealing 250,000 dirhams from him by force.

A woman who assisted Dubai Police in rescuing a person and apprehending a gang will be honored, the Dubai Police Department has announced, The Dubai Police Department made the announcement that they will be honoring a woman who assisted in the rescue of a guy and the arrest of a gang that was forcibly stealing 250,000 dirhams from him.

A woman helps arrest a gang and saves a person

A woman is instrumental in the capture of a gang and the rescue of a victim, She noticed something fishy about a group of people trying to take a person by force, so she went up to them and asked them what was going on, but she was not convinced by their responses as they pushed him into a car and fled quickly. This Emirati citizen's contribution to the prevention of a crime and the arrest of its perpetrators was made in direct cooperation with the Dubai Police. The director of the Burr Police Station in Dubai, Major General Abdullah Khadem bin Suroor Al-Massam, confirmed that a citizen named Nouf Salem Saif Mashati Al-Mazrouei did not only try to figure out what was going on, but she also recorded the car's license plate number to assist with this astute act in rapidly reaching the truth and arresting the people responsible for the crime.

Dubai Police honors a woman who helped thwart a crime and arrest the perpetrators

A woman who assisted Dubai Police in solving a crime and apprehending the criminals has been recognized for her efforts, The citizen was honored as part of Dubai Police's strategy to promote collaboration with members of society and motivate them to collaborate with it to enhance security through a variety of communication channels. This strategy is part of Dubai Police's larger effort to enhance cooperation with members of society. He went on to say that she handled the situation in a responsible and astute manner, as she recorded the car's number and contacted the command and control room of the Dubai Police, explained the incident, and gave Specifications of the car and its number. He went on to point out that the perpetrators moved from the scene of the incident to the jurisdiction of the Bur Dubai Police Station, where immediate measures were taken and the location of the vehicle was determined within minutes of the report being made.

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