Dubai Police is pursuing drivers who committed a serious traffic violation

Dubai Police announced that it had monitored some drivers who committed a serious traffic violation on the road, causing a tragic accident and endangering the safety of road users.

The Dubai Police are keeping an eye on motorists who have committed significant traffic offenses.

The Dubai Police Department made an announcement that it has observed several drivers who were responsible for a significant traffic infraction on the road, which resulted in a sad collision and put the safety of road users in jeopardy.

A video documenting a serious traffic violation and Dubai Police monitoring its perpetrators

A video that documents a significant traffic infraction in Dubai, as well as the Dubai Police monitoring those responsible for the offense, According to the Director of the General Traffic Department of Dubai Police, Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazrouei, the improper use of electric bicycles in Dubai during the first eight months of this year caused 32 traffic accidents that resulted in the death of five people and the injury of 29 others with injuries that varied between severe, moderate, and minor. He indicated that 10,031 had been registered. These accidents led to the deaths of five people and the injury of 29 others. drivers of this kind of motorcycle throughout that time period were in violation of the law.

Traffic instructions for electric vehicle drivers in Dubai

Dubai drivers of electric vehicles must follow these traffic guidelines, Al Mazrouei emphasized how important it is for people who ride bicycles and electric scooters to adhere to safety measures. These measures include obeying traffic laws, staying in the lanes that have been designated for them, not driving on roads with speeds that are faster than 60 kilometers per hour, wearing a helmet, wearing a reflective vest, and obeying traffic signals and other signals that are already in place. On the road, in addition to mounting a bright, reflected white light at the front, and a bright, reflective red light at the back, the vehicle is required to have brakes that are operational. He proceeded by saying that due to the fact that many people in today's culture are interested in contemporary modes of mobility such as the "electric scooter," it is essential to exercise extreme vigilance. A violation of the traffic law that is linked with these activities can result in deadly accidents, whether they include the drivers of these means of transportation or other people who use the roads. Because of this, it is important to exercise caution when using these means of transportation, whether it be by keeping to the authorized lanes or by complying to the security and safety regulations.

Fine for driving electric vehicles in a dangerous manner in the UAE

Driving electric vehicles recklessly in the United Arab Emirates will result in a fine, He explained that the fine that is required for a violation of riding a bicycle in a way that poses a danger to the cyclist, or to the life and safety of others, amounts to 300 dirhams, and he emphasized that Dubai Police is concerned with the safety of community members in the first place, and as a result, is eager to spread awareness and traffic culture to all users of the road in the hopes of reducing the occurrence of the phenomenon. Incorrect behaviors, lowering the number of traffic accidents and human deaths that occur on the roads, increasing the number of drivers who comply with the laws and regulations governing traffic, and making the roads in the emirate safer for everyone to use.

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