Dubai Police issues driving warning and impounds 36 Cars in 2 days

Dubai Police traffic has issued a warning for drivers who are driving and has impounded 36 vehicles in the past two days.

Due to the fact that 36 vehicles have been impounded in a span of only two days, the Dubai Police have issued a warning to drivers about driving recklessly and the possibility of receiving penalties of up to AED50,000 ($13,600).

The Deputy Director of the General Department of Traffic of the Dubai Police, Colonel Muhammad Abdullah Khalfan Al Qaedi, revealed that traffic patrols had confiscated 36 automobiles over the previous two days as a result of drivers breaking the laws and regulations governing traffic.

The infractions included driving recklessly, endangering one's own life or the lives of others, causing traffic disruptions, making unauthorised changes to the vehicle's engine or chassis, upsetting locals, having unclear number plates, and littering on public roads. Other infractions included obstructing public roadways with rubbish.

Traffic warning from Dubai Police

Colonel Al Qaedi emphasized that such violations meet strict actions by the police and reminded everyone that Dubai Police had previously warned that such offenses call for the enforcement of Decree No. 30 of 2023, which stipulates that the fine to release an impounded vehicle can reach up to AED50,000 ($13,600). In addition, he emphasized that such violations meet strict actions by the court.

Colonel Al Qaedi issued a warning to drivers to avoid driving recklessly and exceeding the speed limit, stressing that those who risk lives or cause damage to roads are subject to severe penalties and may have their vehicles impounded for varied amounts of time.

He claimed that at least eighty percent of the offenders were engaged in serious incidents that led to substantial injuries and fatalities.

In order to protect the well-being of everyone who uses the roads, he emphasized that the Dubai Police will not be lenient in their approach to dealing with any kind of infraction.

Colonel Al Qaedi made an appeal to the community, asking them to report any unpleasant occurrences on the roadways by using the "Police Eye" service on the Dubai Police app on their smartphones or by calling the "We Are All Police" service at 901. He did this so that the Dubai Police could investigate the incidents.

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