New Cameras set to Detect Phone Use While Driving in Dubai , Up to DH800 fine

The police in Dubai use technology like radar and surveillance cameras to track down and fine drivers who are texting or talking on the phone while behind the wheel.

Dubai's New Cameras to Fine Drivers Dh800 for Phone Use

The Dubai Police have released a new video demonstrating the effectiveness of its AI-powered surveillance cameras in identifying distracted drivers. The film focuses on drivers who broke traffic laws and were pulled up at various areas such as turns, crossings, and crossroads.

Contrary to popular belief, Dubai's radars aren't solely focused on catching speeding violations. In 2020, the police introduced smart radars capable of identifying multiple traffic infractions, including mobile phone use, illegal lane changes, and failure to fasten seat belts.

Using a phone while driving in Dubai carries a penalty of a Dh800 fine and four black points on the driver's license. The Dubai Police have launched several awareness campaigns to emphasize the dangers of distracted driving due to phone use. They've shared footage of accidents resulting from this practice, which have led to severe injuries and fatalities.

Major-General Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, the head of the General Department of Traffic, issued a warning that even a momentary distraction caused by using a mobile device while driving might have dire consequences. He said, "A momentary lapse in concentration while checking social media or texting can have devastating consequences."

Six individuals have been killed, and 99 accidents have been attributed to drivers using their phones while behind the wheel over the previous eight months. In addition to other factors such as neglecting to yield to other road users, making sudden lane changes, tailgating, and speeding, police in Dubai have found that cellphone usage is a prevalent element in many fatal incidents.

The strict enforcement of these regulations through advanced technology underscores the commitment of the Dubai Police to promoting road safety and reducing accidents caused by distracted driving.

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