Dubai Police warns that the penalty for violating a red traffic signal reaches 50,000 dirhams

New instructions have been issued to drivers by Dubai Police warning that the penalty for violating a red traffic signal reaches 50,000 dirhams, in addition to 23 black traffic points.

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The Dubai Police remind drivers that the fine for disobeying a traffic light that is flashing red might

The Dubai Police Department has just distributed updated instructions to drivers, informing them that the fine for disobeying a red traffic light has been increased to 50,000 dirhams and that they would also receive 23 black traffic points.

A penalty of up to 50,000 dirhams and 23 traffic points for jumping a red traffic light in Dubai

In Dubai, disregarding a red traffic light can result in a fine of up to 50,000 dirhams and 23 points on your driving record, During the first seven months of this year, the violation of breaking a red light caused 51 traffic accidents in Dubai, which resulted in the death of two individuals and the injury of 73 others with varied ailments. According to the statement made by the Director of the General Traffic Department at the Dubai Police Department, the department was responsible for the impounding of 855 vehicles due to the violation of the red light, while it was freed. 13,876 infractions were committed during the time period in question, and it should be noted that the penalty prescribed by the Federal Traffic Law for this infraction is a fine of 1,000 dirhams, in addition to the impounding of the vehicle for a term of 30 days and 12 points on the driver's license. The requirements of Decree No. 30 of the Emirate of Dubai governing the impounding of automobiles, as he explained it, are applied to irresponsible drivers who violate the speed limit. Because they ran a red light and placed the lives of others in danger, the fine has been increased to 50,000 dirhams and they have received 23 "black" traffic points.

Reasons for imposing harsh penalties for violating drivers when crossing a red traffic light

The justifications behind the imposition of severe fines on drivers who disobey traffic laws by going through a red signal, Because it represents unexpected behavior by other drivers who drive their vehicles in their normal way at intersections while the signals opposite them are in the green position, he emphasized that the violation of crossing a red light is one of the most serious traffic violations. This is because it is difficult for other drivers to avoid a person who suddenly cuts them off from the direction of the road. He emphasized this point by saying that it is one of the most serious traffic violations. On the other hand, he made the point that "some drivers double their speed when they enter the signal when they see it in the green or yellow position, and this is wrong behavior because it may change to the red position before they pass, which exposes them to committing a violation." This raises the risk of a serious accident occurring. Or bring about an incident.

What drivers should do when approaching traffic lights

When approaching a set of traffic lights, what actions should drivers take? He went on to say that when approaching a signal, the proper way to drive is to slow down, pay attention, and pass at an appropriate speed that does not exceed that which is specified for the road. This allows the driver to easily come to a stop in the event that he is unable to pass it during the green traffic mode, and he emphasized that waiting for a few extra seconds or a minute is much preferable to committing a violation that could endanger others. Or bring about an incident.

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