Dubai Roads Authority announces the issuance of a new type of car license

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has announced the issuance of a new type of car license, where self-driving vehicles will be allowed to operate on the roads experimentally.

The Dubai Roads Authority has announced that a new category of driver's license would soon be available.

The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai has announced that it would be issuing a new type of car license. With this permission, autonomous vehicles will be permitted to operate on the roads in Dubai for the purpose of conducting road tests.

Dubai Roads issues the first license to test self-driving vehicles on the streets

The first permission to test autonomous vehicles on public roads in the world has been issued by Dubai Roads, The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority and Cruise, a company that specializes in the development of technologies for driverless vehicles, have started conducting supervised testing of a particular model of Chevrolet Bolt vehicle in the Jumeirah 1 neighborhood. In view of the fact that the data collecting and testing phase on closed test tracks has been successfully concluded, Cruise Company and the Roads and Transport Authority have collaborated in order to conduct this test of autonomous Cruise technology while a safety driver is present. This test is the outcome of their combined efforts. Officially granting the Cruise Company, with which the Authority has concluded a partnership agreement to operate this type of vehicle to provide taxi and electronic reservation services in the future is a significant step forward for the Authority, which recently achieved a significant milestone by issuing the first permit to test autonomous vehicles in Dubai. This was a significant accomplishment for the Authority.

Checking the safety of self-driving vehicles in Dubai

In Dubai, we are doing safety checks on vehicles that drive themselves, GM Cruise will conduct tests in Dubai to validate the reliability of its autonomous vehicles in terms of safety and performance, as well as the compatibility of the requirements those vehicles have with the digital and physical infrastructure of the target operation region, which is located in Jumeirah 1. During the tests that are intended to demonstrate the level of development achieved by GM Cruise vehicles, the team will also seek to improve the functionality of autonomous driving technology. really so amid really difficult traffic conditions in Dubai. On the roads of Dubai, the testing of autonomous cruise vehicles will begin with a safety driver behind the wheel during the early stages of the project.

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