Dubai RTA Announces 72% Completion on Margham, Lehbab, Al Lisaili Roads

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has reported substantial progress in its ongoing project aimed at improving internal roads and street lighting in several vital areas, with 72 percent of the work already completed.

Enhancing infrastructure in key areas

The comprehensive endeavor spans 38 kilometers and includes several locations, such as Margham, Lehbab, Al Lisaili, and Hatta. In this massive project, 19 kilometers of new roads will be built, and an additional 19 kilometers of existing streets will have illumination installed.

Key Locations Benefiting from the Project

The RTA's endeavor targets several strategic regions to enhance connectivity and safety in these areas. The project covers Margham, known for its significant industrial and logistical activities.

Additionally, Lehbab, located in the southern part of Dubai, is also part of the project. Al Lisaili, home to many historical landmarks, is another area benefiting from the infrastructure development. Moreover, the picturesque Hatta region is included, aiming to further boost its touristic appeal.

Progress and Positive Impact

The significant project has reached an advanced stage, with approximately three-quarters of the work already accomplished. This progress demonstrates Dubai's commitment to maintaining and upgrading its infrastructure to accommodate the growing needs of its residents and visitors.

Roadwork and Street Lighting Enhancement

The core components of the project involve both the expansion of the road network and the enhancement of street lighting. A considerable portion of the endeavor involves constructing 19 kilometers of new roads, which will help improve transportation and connectivity in these areas.

Simultaneously, the project includes the addition of lighting poles along an existing 19-kilometer stretch of streets. Adequate street lighting contributes to road safety, making the area more secure for residents and motorists.

Positive Implications for Residents and Visitors

This initiative by the RTA is expected to have a positive impact on residents and visitors alike. Improved internal roads and enhanced street lighting infrastructure will make travel more convenient, safer, and efficient. It will also enhance the overall living conditions for the residents in these key areas and contribute to the continued development and growth of Dubai's infrastructure.

Continuous Development and Enhancement

Dubai's commitment to infrastructure development is part of its broader strategy to ensure the city remains a global hub for business, tourism, and residential living. The ongoing enhancement of internal roads and street lighting reflects the city's dedication to offering a high quality of life to its residents and a seamless experience to its visitors. As the project approaches completion, it signifies a step forward in Dubai's journey towards achieving its goals of urban development and sustainability.

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