Dubai Transport: Free Salik, Modified Taxis for Accessibility

In its ongoing commitment to inclusivity, Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has implemented various initiatives and features to ensure safe and accessible public transport and roads for people of determination.

These efforts reflect the core principles of RTA's plans and services.

Specialized Nol Card:

People of determination can enjoy complimentary travel on Dubai Metro and public buses through a personalized Nol card. Valued at Dh70, this card is valid for five years, featuring a starting value of Dh20. Notably, tactile paths and emergency buttons are incorporated on Metro platforms for the convenience of visually impaired passengers.

Metro Features:

  1. Wheelchair Accessibility: Every Metro compartment designates space for wheelchair users.
  2. Audio-Visual Announcements: Cautionary announcements are provided in both audio and visual formats.
  3. Enhanced Restrooms: All Metro stations have toilets with stalls dedicated to people of determination.
  4. Lift Accessibility: Station lifts are wheelchair-accessible, contributing to overall ease of movement.

Bus Accessibility:

  1. Wheelchair-Friendly Buses: New buses have adjustable floors to facilitate easy boarding for wheelchair users.
  2. Designated Spaces: Buses provide designated areas for wheelchair placement.
  3. Accessible Stop Signals: Conveniently located push buttons signal stops for bus drivers.
  4. Air-Conditioned Bus Stops: Many bus stops feature air-conditioned shelters for passenger comfort.

Marine Transport:

  1. Wheelchair Access on Water Buses: Water buses accommodate up to three wheelchairs, with dedicated staff for assistance.
  2. Information Displays: LCD monitors on water buses provide essential information and safety guidelines.
  3. Ferry Accessibility: Ferries offer space for two wheelchairs simultaneously, with foldable seats for ease of movement.

Accessible Taxis:

Dedicated taxis are available with companion seats, wheelchairs, lifts, and artificial breathing systems for those who are determined to use them. These expertly trained taxis travel the entire emirate around the clock.

Road Infrastructure:

  1. Lowered Pavement Heights: Pavement heights near crossings and junctions are lowered for easy wheelchair mobility.
  2. Considerate Pedestrian Signals: The timing of pedestrian crossing signals factors in the movement and speed of people's determination.
  3. Accessible Footbridges: Lift-equipped footbridges enhance accessibility throughout the city.

Parking and Toll Exemptions:

  1. Free Parking Permits: Special permits provide free parking in designated spaces for people of determination.
  2. Salik Exemption: People of determination are exempt from Salik tolls on one vehicle, renewable annually.

Vehicle Modifications:

RTA makes it easier for modified car owners to obtain licenses by guaranteeing that certain additions are installed and approved for driven individuals.

In August 2023, RTA digitized parking permits, streamlining the process for users. These collective efforts underscore RTA's dedication to fostering an inclusive and accessible transportation environment.

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