Dubai Launches "Dubai AI" Digital Platform for Reliable Information

Dubai has unveiled a cutting-edge AI digital platform named 'Dubai AI,' offering a streamlined way for citizens, residents, and visitors to access an array of services and information across various sectors.

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"Dubai AI" Digital Platform for Seamless Access to Information

Launched through a collaboration between Digital Dubai and the Dubai Center for Artificial Intelligence (DCAI) during the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, this platform serves as a hub for precise information and services from trustworthy sources across all domains.

Comprehensive Information Hub for All

The 'Dubai AI' platform has been designed with inclusivity in mind. It caters to users from various categories, encompassing citizens, residents, visitors, and business owners alike. Users can utilize the platform to seek information on a wide range of topics, including health, education (covering schools, institutes, and universities), tourist attractions, dining options, transportation, sports, weather, environmental updates, tourism insights, aviation, business, real estate, and many more aspects pertinent to the city.

A Constantly Evolving Database

To ensure up-to-date and accurate information, the platform will continuously receive data from official sources spanning every sector in the city. It acts as a personalized digital assistant for users, harnessing generative AI to provide real-time responses that feel tailored to each individual, creating an interactive and user-centric dialogue.

Accessing real-time, personalized data

The platform offers users access to real-time, interactive, and personalized data by partnering with government and private-sector entities. This collaborative approach ensures that users can rely on the platform for a variety of needs, whether they are residents seeking information on local services or tourists looking for dining options.

Leadership Perspectives

Matar Al Hemeiri, CEO of the Digital Dubai Government Establishment, highlighted the significance of the Dubai.AI platform. It represents a pioneering initiative aimed at delivering seamless customer experiences that are accessible from anywhere, at any time. The commitment is to enhance the digital quality of life in Dubai by embracing cutting-edge technologies, including generative artificial intelligence.

Saeed Al Falasi, the Director of the Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence, emphasized that the platform aligns with the city's aspirations to leverage AI applications for the development of sectors and services that hold great importance for the community.

Dr. Moza Suwaidan, Executive Director of the Digital Applications and Platforms sector at the Digital Dubai Government Establishment, expressed his ongoing commitment to digitalizing every facet of life in Dubai. This pursuit involves the exploration of emerging technologies and their potential to create advanced and personalized services for the city's residents, citizens, and visitors.

Harnessing AI for a Better Future

The platform makes use of the enormous potential that AI technology offers by putting it at users' fingertips to enable easy, personalized access to services and information with the ultimate goal of raising customer satisfaction and general happiness.

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