Dubai RTA to Establish 40 Air-Conditioned Rest Areas for Delivery Riders

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai is embarking on a significant initiative to create 40 air-conditioned rest areas for delivery riders in strategic locations across the city. The primary objective of this project is to boost road safety, improve the well-being of delivery riders, and mitigate the risks of road accidents.

Dubai's delivery rider rest stops

These dedicated rest areas are designed to provide a comfortable and safe environment for delivery riders while they await new orders. The RTA's aim is to enhance the overall satisfaction of these riders and encourage their adherence to traffic laws and regulations, thus contributing to safer road conditions.

Sophisticated Design and Amenities

These rest places' outside designs include elements that effectively insulate against solar radiation while maintaining a view-preserving aspect. Every air-conditioned facility has a snack dispenser, a water cooler, and a place to charge cell phones inside. Each rest stop has enough space for up to ten people, depending on the district, and offers plenty of motorbike parking near the facility.

Commitment to Traffic Safety

Traffic safety is the first concern, according to Mattar Al Tayer, Director General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority. He stated that the RTA is committed to putting into practice a thorough traffic safety plan in order to establish Dubai as a traffic safety leader on a worldwide scale.

Delivery Market Growth and Quality Assurance

Al Tayer explained that the construction of these rest areas is part of the RTA's efforts to create a suitable work environment for delivery riders, given the significant expansion of the delivery business in response to public demand for goods.

The RTA has set up a thorough structure for the delivery sector, including the accreditation of delivery riders as professionals. The RTA instituted the Delivery Service Excellence Awards in 2022 to incentivize delivery services and their riders to improve road safety, follow rules, and provide outstanding customer service.

Strategic Rest Area Locations

By analyzing operational data and pinpointing high-demand zones, delivery companies assist in positioning rest stops in the most efficient locations. In addition to Arabian Ranches and International City, additional proposed sites include Al Quoz, Al Karama, Al Satwa, Al Jaddaf, Mirdif, and Al Barsha.

Phased Implementation

The RTA has completed two of the rest stops at Al Barsha, with the other facilities being built in three phases. All of the planned rest areas should be functional by July 2024.

This initiative reflects the RTA's commitment to regulating and enhancing the safety of the rapidly growing delivery sector. In 2022, the number of companies offering motorcycle delivery services in Dubai reached 2,891, marking a 40% increase compared to the previous year, 2021.

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