Electronic shopping platforms in the Emirates offer huge discounts on goods of up to 70%

Many electronic platforms in the Emirates have provided offers of significant discounts on goods of up to 70%, according to what consumers reported, as these platforms have become competitive with traditional stores.

Huge product discounts of up to 70 percent can be found on a variety of electronic platforms available in the Emirates.

As a result of the increased level of competition between traditional retailers and online marketplaces, many electronic platforms in the Emirates have begun offering considerable discounts on goods, with some reports indicating that these reductions can reach as high as 70 percent.

Offers and discounts in the Emirates in traditional and electronic shopping centers on the occasion of “Singles’ Day”

On the occasion of "Singles' Day," there will be sales and discounts made available in the Emirates at both conventional and online shopping malls, The retail trade markets in the country have recently witnessed remarkable competitive manifestations between e-commerce platforms and traditional stores and outlets, through expanded discount campaign between the two sides, in keeping with the effectiveness of International "Singles" Day, or what some outlets call "Shopping Day" that coincides with the 11th of this month. International "Singles" Day is also known as "Shopping Day." Mohammed Mansour, the sales manager of one of the retail chains in Dubai, said that "the 11-11 offers stimulated demand and sales by more than 40% in sales outlets," pointing out that there was an increase in the percentage of offers offered in the markets, which included sales outlets and e-commerce platforms. Mansour added that "the 11-11 offers stimulated demand and sales by more than 40% in sales outlets." "In order to capitalize on the advantageous effects of the discounts, a number of retail establishments have decided to extend the duration of their offer periods so that they will continue until the middle of the month."

Electronic platforms compete with traditional stores with extensive discount offers in the Emirates

In the Emirates, traditional retailers face competition from online marketplaces that provide considerable discounts on their wares, Early discount offers were introduced by some platforms on the eighth of this month, and they will continue until today (November 12) on electronic platforms and until November 15 in some outlets. The announced discount percentages ranged from 20% to 70%, and customers believed that the offers from both sides made it possible for them to save money. There is a wide variety of retail establishments to choose from, and some of them even offer discounts of up to seventy percent off their regular prices. Officials and experts in the retail trade sector have suggested that the increased discount campaigns that have been seen in local markets indicate the amount of the intensity of competition between electronic platforms and traditional sales outlets, which is represented in a substantial way. This assertion was made in light of the fact that these extended discount campaigns have been observed in local markets. Beneficial for the industry as well as the customers.

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