Emirates Airlines announces distribution of 20,000 Apple devices on its flights

Emirates today announced that all of its approximately 20,000 crew members will receive new iPad Air or iPhone devices pre-loaded with Emirates apps as part of a new strategy called “One Device,” leveraging Apple technology. The original goal of the plan was to enhance crew efficiency and effectiveness. While also enhancing the quality of service provided to passengers.

A year ago, Emirates Airlines began delivering Apple products at a cost of more than 32 million dirhams, and in the coming months, Emirates will announce that it has 7,000 iPhones in use across its global network of 450 daily flights, 5,000 iPads, and other iPhones, updated software and other improvements to expand the scope of the initial success. For the initiative.

He stressed the design and development of a set of original applications specifically designed in close cooperation with Apple to improve the user experience and ensure that passengers enjoy a world-class level of service bearing the Emirates brand. The service delivery and IT teams at the airline conducted extensive user research with the cabin crew and the new technology provided to the flight attendants. With more information at their fingertips, they provide more individual care to each passenger.

Applications available when using Emirates Airlines:

Cabin crew can view each passenger's profile and Skywards membership tier, as well as access a list of the latest information, thanks to a specially designed application that simplifies the process of receiving in-flight meal orders in Business Class, learning about available entertainment options, flight details, and how to upgrade. Your seat, meeting the crew, and by giving flight attendants a comprehensive view of their passengers, Emirates Airlines can maximize the quality of their services, cater to each individual's tastes, and ensure that everyone has a comfortable flight, regardless of the time of day or night.

Through AppleCare Enterprise and the team of dedicated professionals at Emirates’ Dubai hub, the One Device project also seeks to improve cabin crew performance and safety standards by ensuring they have 24-hour support wherever they go, and crew members can use One Device as a hub for continuing education. And check official operations at any time thanks to remotely updated operating instructions. Emirates crew members are also free to use iPhones for personal reasons while ensuring that their information remains secure.

Through a dedicated center at Emirates headquarters in Dubai, flight attendants can receive assistance with hardware accessories, software, hardware, etc. as part of the “One Device” project, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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