Abu Dhabi court ordered an Emirati Customer to pay DH30,000 for Abusing Worker

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Claims Court recently made a groundbreaking decision, compelling a customer to provide 30,000 dirhams in restitution to a worker who endured both physical and psychological harm during his employment.

The court orders compensation for workers abused by customers

This case sheds light on the legal consequences of mistreatment and highlights the importance of respecting the dignity and rights of individuals in the workplace.

The Worker's Lawsuit:

In a bold move, the worker filed a lawsuit against the customer, seeking 100,000 dirhams in compensation for the profound psychological and moral distress he experienced. He asserted that the customer had subjected him to insults and physical violence while he was diligently performing his job. Moreover, he demanded that the defendant cover all legal fees and expenses associated with the case.

Defendant's Unwarranted Actions:

The court's judgment underscores the gravity of the defendant's actions. The attached criminal rulings clearly establish that the defendant physically assaulted the plaintiff and hurled obscene insults at him during his work. It is noteworthy that the defendant failed to make an appearance in court despite being duly notified, choosing not to offer any plea or defense in response to the charges.

Establishing Liability:

The court thoroughly examined the case and found the defendant at fault. It was evident that the defendant's actions caused significant harm to the plaintiff, meeting the elements required for a finding of liability: error, damage, and causal relationship.

The court emphasized the importance of the Civil Transactions Law, which states that any harm inflicted on another person obliges the wrongdoer to take responsibility. Additionally taken into account was moral harm, which includes harm to one's honor, feelings, or dignity.

Compensation Granted:

Taking into account the injuries sustained by the plaintiff due to the defendant's assault, as well as the emotional distress, grief, and humiliation he suffered, the court concluded that compensation was warranted. It ordered the defendant to pay the plaintiff a total of 30,000 dirhams in damages. Additionally, the defendant was instructed to cover all fees, expenses, and legal costs associated with the lawsuit.

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil, and Administrative Claims Court's recent landmark verdict is a sobering reminder of the legal repercussions one faces when engaging in abusive and damaging behavior against others in the workplace. It serves as a deterrent against abuse in the workplace and emphasizes the significance of protecting workers' rights and dignity.

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