UAE Fujairah Court sentences "fake apartment" sellers to prison and deportation

The Fujairah Court of Appeal has issued a verdict sentencing six defendants to one year in prison, with the confiscation of illicit gains, assets, and media used in their fraudulent activities.

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Deceptive Property Scheme Unraveled

After serving their sentences, the defendants will be deported from the country. The case revolved around their deceitful scheme in which they lured individuals with the promise of affordable overseas properties, ultimately swindling a total of AED 9,000,484 from victims.

Details of the Deception

The defendants, in collaboration with unidentified accomplices, managed to con one victim out of AED 150,000. They led the victim to believe they were selling an overseas property, specifically a residential apartment.

This deception culminated in a purchase agreement between the victim and the fraudsters at a commercial store in Fujairah. The victim handed over the agreed amount only to discover later that the accused had absconded. In response, the victim filed a lawsuit to recover the swindled money.

Charges and Convictions

The court imposed three charges against the six defendants. First, they were found guilty of fraudulently seizing AED 150,000 from a victim by convincing them of the existence of a low-priced overseas property.

Moreover, This fraudulent scheme resulted in the victim surrendering the specified amount to the defendants. Second, the defendants swindled sums exceeding AED 9,000,000 from various individuals through deceitful tactics. Lastly, the six were convicted of money laundering, having acquired AED 9,000,484 owned by their victims. They engaged in financial transactions, including purchases and sales, to conceal the illegal origins of the funds.

Court Ruling Upheld

The Fujairah Court of Appeal decided to uphold the appealed ruling after considering the incident and the evidence in a judicious and far-sighted manner. It concluded that the initial judgment was legally sound and just. The court recognized the interconnection between all charges brought against the accused. The appeal, both in form and substance, was accepted, leading to the cancellation of the initial ruling. The six defendants will serve one-year prison sentences and have all charges against them upheld.

This judicial decision demonstrates the UAE's commitment to combating fraudulent schemes and protecting the rights and interests of its residents.

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