Good news from Abu Dhabi for citizens and foreign residents

More than 19,000 senior citizens, residents, and the like have registered for the "Barakatna" card, which was launched by the Family Development Foundation under the slogan "Senior in experience and senior in giving," according to the Department of Community Development Abu Dhabi.

Barakatna" is an electronic card granted to the category of senior citizens and residents (60 years and over) registered in the Family Development Foundation's database, and it includes all the services and facilities provided by the government and semi-governmental agencies in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to the category of senior citizens and those of the like, in addition to the benefits and services of the "Fazaa" card. Served the community's senior folks as well as the community at large.

The "Barakatna" card services aim to offer cardholders priority access to government agencies for their transactions. Additionally, it aims to inform senior citizens about the services provided by government, semi-governmental, and private agencies participating in the program. This information is provided through a booklet attached to the card and a smart application, which simplifies their access to services.

The card consolidates all the services, facilities, and features available to senior citizens and residents into a single card. Furthermore, it assists senior citizens in completing their electronic applications with the help of an employee from the entity if they are unable to utilize digital services. Lastly, the card provides "Fazaa" cards that offer discounts of various types and degrees.

The Family Development Foundation has affirmed that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is characterized by the commitment of its community members to uphold a positive social heritage.

This commitment serves to strengthen family unity, foster reverence for the elderly, and ensure their well-being within the familial and social context. Furthermore, it entails promoting their active engagement in society and harnessing their potential.

The Emirate of Abu Dhabi is currently experiencing a significant rise in the population of senior citizens and residents. This can be attributed to the notable advancements in healthcare, which have led to an increase in the growth rate of the elderly population within the emirate.

The Foundation emphasized its objective of delivering comprehensive social, health, psychological, and recreational support to promote the integration of this significant demographic into society and foster a secure and stable lifestyle for them.

It highlighted its unwavering commitment to alleviating the burdens faced by older individuals by facilitating their access to services and offering comprehensive social care tailored to their needs.

One significant societal group, dedicated to enhancing their overall well-being and facilitating their active involvement in the community, is constituted by individuals who are considered the cherished members of their households and an essential component of the Emirati social structure.

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