How to subscribe to Unemployment Insurance scheme in UAE

The four steps required to enroll in the UAE unemployment insurance system

The United Arab Emirates' Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has issued a call to action to employees who are qualified to participate in the country's unemployment insurance program. On January 1, 2023, participants were required to begin their subscriptions to the obligatory program.

Workers in the UAE who are eligible for the program must enroll in it by the 30th of June in order to avoid being penalized. On Monday, the Ministry of Social Development highlighted "quick and easy steps" to obtain the low-cost safety net.

The website of the insurance pool, which can be found at, is now the "preferred channel" for the vast majority of subscribers. Other distribution methods include the app for the pool (IOLE), kiosks, business service centers, money exchange offices like Al Ansari, and mobile banking applications.

According to the explanation provided by the Ministry, there are four phases involved in the process of subscribing to the program online:

1. In order to reach the registration page, go to the website ( and click on the link that says "subscribe here."

2. Choose the industry that is most pertinent to your position.

3. Enter your personal identity data, including your phone number and the verification code that was issued to you via text message. Choose the payment interval that you desire (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually), and then enter your email address.

4. Proceed to the payment gateway in order to properly finish the registration process.

The program is split into two different categories to better accommodate its participants, who come from both the private sector and the federal government. The first one is for people who make a starting income of less than Dh16,000 per year. The maximum monthly remuneration for an employee who falls into this group is regulated at Dh10,000 per month, and the insurance cost for a covered worker in this category is fixed at Dh5 per month (Dh60 yearly).

Those who fall into the second category have a basic wage that is greater than Dh16,000; the insurance cost for this group is Dh10 per month (Dh120 yearly), and they are eligible for a monthly payout of up to Dh20,000.

As long as the insured person (the employee) has participated in the program for at least a year without interruption, they are eligible to make a claim for the insurance payout. The claim must be filed within the first thirty days after employment termination, and it will be processed within fourteen days after receipt of the claim. If the insured person gives up their right to compensation and either leaves the nation, gives up their residency in the country, or starts a new employment while the claim is still being processed, then they will lose that entitlement.

The amount of compensation is determined by taking sixty percent of the average basic wage earned in the worker's final six months of employment before the onset of unemployment. The compensation is provided for a maximum of three months for each claim beginning on the first day of unemployment.

Those who are not required to subscribe include investors – the owner of the facility in which he or she works, domestic assistants, employees with a temporary employment contract, juveniles under the age of 18, and retirees who get a retirement pension and have joined a new job. Those who are required to subscribe include juveniles under the age of 18 and retirees who receive a retirement pension and have joined a new job.

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