Human Resources announces the cancellation of some jobs due to artificial intelligence in the Emirates

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources in the UAE announced the cancellation of some jobs in the country due to artificial intelligence, and the most canceled jobs are frozen jobs.

The Emirates' Department of Human Resources has made an announcement regarding the elimination of some employment as a result of artificial intelligence.

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources in the UAE has announced that some employment in the country would be eliminated as a direct result of the development of artificial intelligence. The majority of the occupations that will be eliminated are those that are considered to be "frozen."

“Government Human Resources”: Artificial intelligence eliminates “frozen jobs” in the Emirates

"Government Human Resources": "frozen jobs" in the Emirates are being eliminated by artificial intelligence, The findings of the most recent "study" were presented by the Federal Authority, and it was explained that artificial intelligence will encourage enterprises to relieve themselves of jobs that can be performed by automated systems. 61% of business executives, according to the findings of a study conducted by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, believe that new technologies, such as automation, are essential to the success of their companies. It is important to emphasize that artificial intelligence pushes organizations to "cancel frozen jobs," divide them into basic tasks and subtasks, then get rid of tasks that can be automated and reassemble the tasks. This will be a key driver for institutions and employers that adopt a skills-based approach. Artificial intelligence requires new skills. The ones that are left over are brand fresh and can be found in the "Refrozen" function.

List of jobs that can be “frozen” in the Emirates

List of employment opportunities in the Emirates that can be "frozen", The term "frozen jobs" has been defined by international institutions that are concerned with the development of human resources and labor relations as "including a variety of jobs, fields, processes, or activities that may be subject to freezing at a certain time for various reasons, most notably related to technological development and the ability to perform some job tasks." According to worldwide institutions, the concept of "frozen jobs" can be applicable to a wide variety of disciplines, including but not limited to information technology, industry, medical sciences, food, management, and business.

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