Identifying new ways to pay public transportation fares in Dubai

The Roads and Transport Authority in the Emirate of Dubai announced the identification of new ways to pay public transportation fares in Dubai, such as using the facial fingerprint to pay with the help of artificial intelligence, in addition to using the Nol card and paying by phone.

Finding alternative payment methods for Dubai's public transportation is a current priority.

The Roads and Transport Authority in the Emirate of Dubai made an announcement that new methods of paying for public transportation fees in Dubai have been identified. These new methods include using an individual's facial fingerprint to pay for fares with the use of artificial intelligence. Other methods of payment include paying with a Nol card or by phone.

No need for tickets, credit cards or Nol to pay for public transportation in Dubai

In Dubai, it is not necessary to have tickets, credit cards, or Nol in order to pay for the public transit, The use of "Faceprint" helps to increase the degree of operational efficiency of services while also helping to reduce the number of cash transactions, The Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai presented at the GITEX show the smart portal that enables users to pay for public transit fares using their face fingerprints.

How to pay public transportation fare in Dubai using your face

How to use your face as payment for the fare on Dubai's public transit, The operation of the system is dependent on the user being registered and identified, having their face recognized by the cameras, having their face analyzed with a 3D image, which results in the image being transformed into biological data to match it with the image, and finally having the appropriate amount of money removed from their account. The authorities noted that users presently and previously deal with a "card" Nol" for payment, but we recently switched to digital via mobile phones, starting with Huawei phones, and soon we will switch to other platforms such as Samsung. The "card" Nol" is used for payment by users both now and in the past.

When will the use of facial fingerprint be activated to pay public transportation fares in Dubai?

When will the option to pay for rides on Dubai's public transit using one's face fingerprint be activated? Al-Marzouqi continued by saying, "Work on these gates will begin within the period of six months to a year, after ensuring that they operate quickly and efficiently," which indicates that after the authority has ensured the full operation of the gates, it will collaborate with private companies to implement the gate system on a large scale. Al-Marzouqi's comments were made in reference to the fact that the authority will ensure the gates' quick and efficient operation. He pointed out that the application would be deployed gradually, and not as a total replacement, so that each customer will have the option of selecting the payment method, whether it be by card or by face fingerprint.

Public transportation that uses facial recognition to pay fares

The payment for fares on public transportation systems that employ face recognition, Al Marzouqi added the following information in a press statement: We plan for the transition from the card to the facial fingerprint to be done through several channels, whether through smart kiosks or the rest of the channels that will be announced, and then it will be used for mobilization or using the public transportation network in the emirate, whether it is (Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, Buses, taxis, marine transport), indicating that once the face is recognized, it is linked to the card; Every individual.

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